Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 3: Covered in dog pee, I ran.

And it's Day 3. And I did it! I got up and I ran. But not without a few interesting items along the way.

First, it seems I wasn't scheduled to run on Day 3. On the training schedule I am working from, Tuesdays would be a run day and Thursdays would be a cross training day. For me, starting at the end of September, cross training will be the bellydance class I'm taking. All summer, that was on Thursday nights, which would have fit perfectly with this training schedule. But now it's on Tuesdays, so I will be switching things up a bit. For this week, that should have meant:

Sun: Run.
Mon: Rest.
Tue: Run.
Wed: Run.
Thu: Cross train.
Fri: Rest.
Sat: Run.

But with my schedule, I'll be doing this:

Sun: Run.
Mon: Rest.
Tue: Cross train.
Wed: Run.
Thu: Run.
Fri: Rest.
Sat: Run.

So, as I iced and heated my excessively sore shoulder last night, I planned that while I would still get up early I would not run but cross train. But then the following happened:

1. I woke up at 3:30 a.m.
2. My dog had peed in the bed. On me.
3. It was 3:30 a.m.
4. Everything smelled like dog pee.
5. Including me.

Okay, not really. Well, mostly. She didn't pee quite on me, she peed next to me. The comforter soaked it up quite nicely so it was only damp. The freaking down comforter, but I'll deal with that. And it didn't quite smell like dog pee. I don't know what it smells like. It's not roses, I will tell you that, but not dog pee so that was a fraction of a plus in the situation.

It took me a bit of time to fall back asleep after that, so when the alarms started going off it was tough to remember why I was supposed to get up. But I did. And I decided since I smelled like dog pee (or whatever), why not go run? So I did.

The temp was nice, at first I thought I'd be too hot in my long-sleeved tech shirt and at first I was a little warm but I was really glad to have it on the walk home. I was glad to see there were other crazy people at the track; I like to run with my iPod but I'm not completely comfortable using it when there is nobody else at the track. But there were at least two other women there (including one running clockwise to everyone else's counterclockwise; I couldn't figure out if she was backwards or if we were) so safety wasn't a concern. I do turn down the volume significantly on the walk there and back so I can be aware of traffic and other people.

I ran the first two laps and it felt pretty good. I started out the first few steps going much too fast (and I remembered the inhaler this morning) so I cut back my pace and got a good rhythm right away. I ran two laps, then walked one, then ran two. At the end of one of the two laps (I lose track, no pun intended), I felt like I could keep going but decided not to push it too hard right off the bat and risk burning out.

Runs for Day 1 and Day 3 were for 35 minutes. Average pace this morning was in the 14 minute range. This is because while I'm pretty comfortable jogging at about an 11 minute pace I walk at about an 18 minute pace. But today's average was about two minutes faster than Sunday's average. The inhaler really helped.

Distance was 2.65 miles. I don't include the half mile walk to the track; I consider that warm up. For now I am including the half mile walk home. Added to Sunday/Day 1's mileage of 2.5 miles, I've done 5.15 miles this week. Tomorrow I run 40 minutes.

So, if I complete a marathon (notice I'm not saying I'll run a marathon, but I will complete one), will you send me on a cruise? Only a dollar a reader will do it!

Oh, instead of chocolate milk this morning I did vanilla protein shake. Should've done the chocolate milk. But I did have an egg mcblankie. And I've got the sugar cookie right here. It's even bunny shaped.

the CilleyGirl

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