Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Putting my money where my ass is

Lest you all think I'm a big ol' whiner (well, bigger than I normally am), I checked my year to date stats to see just how much time I've put in this year.

Year to date, I've put in nearly six weeks of overtime.  That's 40 hour weeks.  And that's through yesterday; I worked another 2.5 hours of overtime today.

More than 50 of those hours are since the week of Thanksgiving.  Shame I won't have this week's hours on my December paycheck; that would be a sweet bunch of overtime pay!

Once the year is done I think I'll go back and see how those hours break down between pre-marathon and post-marathon.  I'm pretty sure I put 2/3rds of them in since June.  No wonder I'm always too tired to run!

My boss is taking a tropical vacation right after our deadline.  My co-worker told him to think of us as he sits on a beach in the sun sipping mai tais.  I told him to think of me, back home with the company credit card, as he sits on a beach in the sun sipping mai tais. 

Pretty sure I'll be getting a bonus check this year.  If only to placate me while he's gone and I've got the company credit card.

Here's to a happy new year to everyone.  I'll catch up with you some time after January 3, once I've woken up from the three day bed bender I'm planning to indulge in.

the CilleyGirl

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gonna make you squirm!

Howdy hey everyone.  Because I just have to say it, I'll say it:  I'm still alive!  I'm feeling much better since my last few posts.  A lot fewer headaches, somewhat better sleep although that's starting to change again.  Grrrr.

So.  I had a fun time last week.  My doctor discovered a polyp on my girlie parts and since it wasn't there last year she wanted to schedule a follow up to remove it.  "It'll be nothing, no problem!" she says.  Mmm hmm. 

I'm in the stirrups (muwahahahaha to all the guys who have now changed the page) for literally 30 minutes while she's still looking.  Turns out it wasn't a pull-it-off-and-that's-it polyp.  She wasn't quite sure what it was.  But it took 30 minutes to set me up like a Christmas turkey to take a look and then we got to the snippity snippity of my insides roughly behind my navel.  Uncomfortable!!!   Although I'd like to know why they don't give you the topical anesthetic while they're poking around in there.  The snippity part wasn't so bad, comparatively.

As with most things with me, it's somewhere in the range of nothing to cancer.  We have to wait for the lab results, then it's either leave it alone, go to an OB-GYN to remove it fully in a more formal informal procedure, or I guess an oncologist.  Because I get these kind of results all the time (I'm either going blind or just fine, per my eye doctor), I'm not concerned at all.  Seriously, no joke.  No point in being worried until you have something to worry about.  Plus it's like the size of a pin that we're talking about.  How bad could it be?

But in the meantime, I felt like I'd done a zillion crunches for about two days after the procedure.  I'm guessing it was less from the actual snippity snip and more from me clenching my abs while she was "still looking."   Maybe I've stumbled upon some new ab exercise?  I think I'd rather be paunchy, thank you very much. 

I should be doing a January 1 run, although I need to survive work through Christmas day before making my final decision.  Right now I'm so tired and grumpy I don't think I want to run again EVER.  sigh  But I will.   Soon I'll figure out some longer races that I'll be doing in 2011, pretty sure that's going to include a full marathon again.  I'd like to finish in under six hours this time.  I believe that if I train seriously for it, this is a totally achievable goal for me.  I've already done really well increasing my walking speed, which has always slowed me down in races (no pun intended).

I'll try to check in some time next week, for at least something brief.  I'm working December 13 through the 24th, then off Christmas Day, then working December 26 straight through to January 3.  Then I plan to check myself into a hospital for one of those voluntary comas. 

They do offer those, right?

the CilleyGirl

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Portion size is important

I call this video "Om nom nom nom nom."

the CilleyGirl

Monday, December 13, 2010

I can't come in to work today. I have the dumb.

My headline was going to be "Hello, I have a brain tumor" but I really don't and I probably shouldn't even joke about those things lest all sorts of calamity befall me.

I kind of wish I have one, though.  It would explain so much.  It would solve so much. 

I have a headache ALL THE TIME and I don't know why.

Okay, I know some of the why.  I have sinus issues and I probably need the surgery to fix it.  That's kind of like a brain tumor, right?  Sinus infections can actually kill you -- I had a friend in high school who had lost a brother that way. 

This probably explains why I'm avoiding getting that CT scan.  I probably do have a brain tumor.

I'm also working too much and sleeping mostly not at all.  Usually with the sleep I have problems falling asleep but once I'm out I'm out.  Not lately, though; I feel as thought I'm only dozing and I wake up constantly.  The only thing that works to keep me out is an Ambien with two Tylenol PM, but that's more like unconsciousness rather than a good night's sleep. 

I didn't do the half marathon yesterday.  I couldn't sleep, but my dog could.  So much that she peed in the bed two or three times.  Every time she moved I was paranoid she was peeing again and I'd start checking the bed again.  At one point I was trying to move her and I hyperextended my knee against the cedar chest, which also did something weird to the hip that hasn't been bothering me lately.  About five minutes before I was supposed to be getting up for the half marathon my stomach starting doing its best starfish impression and I felt the first twinges of a migraine coming up.  I realized then that I haven't been looking forward to this half for quite a while and when running is no longer fun then what is the point?  So shortly before 7:00 a.m. I took an Ambien and slept for eight hours. 

I'm sad I missed out on the cool finisher's medal, but not that I didn't go do the run.  Running had become a chore and that's not why I run.

I will almost certain be working every day between January 3rd and now except for Christmas day.  It's too depressing to think about so I won't.  I'll just do it.  But in the meantime, have some eye candy on me:

Aka, my yummy latest obsession!

the CilleyGirl

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm singing in the brain... just singing in the brain

All my thoughts on health, weight, running, food, etc., are either really dark and dank or else they are giddy and crazy.  So instead of boring you with all that, I thought I would bore you with this.

I was driving home from work last night and Rush's Tom Sawyer came on the radio.   I was laughing about how I will always associate that song -- really, any Rush songs -- with my high school crush D who was (and is) a huge Rush fan.  That got me thinking about other music that is linked with other people.

Climax Blues Band's I Love You always makes me think of my childhood sweetheart, L. 

Anything by Rush is for my high school crush, D.  Particularly Red Barchetta and Tom Sawyer, although Tom Sawyer now also makes me think of the TV show Chuck

Anything by Styx reminds me of a guy friend who was my first.  So does Pink Floyd's The Wall, because they were running that movie on Mtv that particular night.

Anything Depeche Mode and I think about my high school boyfriend. He's a cool, edgy, depressed kind of a guy.  A lot like Depeche Mode, really. 

Cheap Trick's The Flame was playing when my college boyfriend first asked me to dance.  Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb reminds me of the zillion times we broke up during college.  Poison's Every Rose Has Its Thorn brings back the moment I first started to realize that love really isn't all you need to make a relationship work.  And last but not least, Garth Brooks' Friends in Low Places is the song that my college boyfriend still threatens to sing at my wedding, should I ever get married. 

I hate the band Mr. Big because of my last boyfriend, the putz.  Too bad for Mr. Big, I kind of liked them before that. 

What songs take you back?

the CilleyGirl

Monday, December 6, 2010

I am a hipster

Howdy hey all.  I was going to start out with "Hi!  I'm alive!" but that's pretty much how all my posts for the rest of the year would start so I scratched that.  Just assume that if I post something that I am alive.  Or there's a zombie epidemic.  Either way.

Still limping my way through half-marathon training, and for extra added excitement now I'm limping for reals!  I did a ten mile run yesterday and at about mile four remembered that I had forgotten that last week at mile four my hip started to bother me.  I am a hipster.  A limping hipster.  A limping scrimping hipster.  Strumpet.

I have no idea either.

Anyhow.  I have a very tight left hip flexor, which when you first go to type that with cold fingers turns into "tight lip."  Must stretch more.  Hips and fingers.  And this may be a consequence (of the hip thing), but my right calf is tight too.  Luckily not really sore, just tight.  Let me tell you, it is not fun icing various parts of your body when it is so cold out!  Tonight I think I'll lay on the heating pad as I ice my hip flexor.  Perhaps I'll spontaneously combust!!!

Let's see, where was I?  Oh yes, the run.  My ten-miler was better than it seemed.  For the first five miles, I was running into a strong headwind.  I felt like one of those mimes.  I almost got clocked in the head by a pheasant, which was weird but it did solve the problem I had been pondering about how one would spot a dead body off the side of the trail.  I couldn't find where the pheasant went after it landed, and realized that would be exactly how you would stumble across a dead body buried back in the brush. 

Upon checking my Garmin later, I also learned that that portion of the trail is uphill.  Not a huge uphill, but enough that running it with a strong headwind really is a bitch.  I made up some serious time on the five miles back.  My goal for next Sunday's half is still three hours.  Not sure if I'll make it, but that is the goal.  I've also changed my mind about what I'll wear next week; I felt fine with an icy headwind, but once it stopped I was absolutely roasting in my fleece pullover.  So far it's supposed to be low 40s and rainy on Sunday; I'm going to go with two tech tees, one long-sleeved and once short.  That should keep me plenty warm with about the same level of rain-shedding ability.

Ooh look, zombies!

the CilleyGirl