Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 4: Dog pee free, I run.

Good morning and welcome to Day 4. I did my run this morning, and I did it without the lingering odor of eau de dog booty.

After my training yesterday, I had a lot of energy all day long, but not necessarily in a good way. You know that manic, hyper feeling where you can tell if you stop you'll pass out? That's how I felt for most of the day. Lunch dampered it back a bit, but on the whole I was jittery all day. And thirsty. Thirsty thirsty thirsty. Comparisons of myself to a racehorse kept coming to mind every time I had to go to the bathroom yet again.

But I digress.

I had set my alarms (I had three) five minutes earlier to ease into getting up just a bit early for training (I had to wolf my breakfast this morning to be on time to work). Like yesterday, I couldn't quite figure out at first why they were going off since it was still dark out, but then I remembered. And then I almost talked myself into skipping this morning. But I remembered that I had planned for this last night: If I trained this morning, tomorrow is cross training (bellydancing and maybe some hand weights) and then Friday is a rest day. So all I had to do was get up this morning and I don't have to run again until Saturday!

It did the trick and I was up. Happily, pee free. I'd made the cute-but-stupid-and-now-a-little-senile dog go potty before bed last night so we woke up clean and dry. (Side note: All day yesterday I kept thinking I smelled dog pee. Or smelled like dog pee.) I got on the gear, told my dogs yet again that they couldn't come with me (no dogs at the track), and headed out the door. It was a bit chilly; I could tell that while it would feel good while I was running I'd be cold on the way home.

When I got to the track, I was the only one there besides a large flock of crows, but halfway through my first lap the clockwise chick showed up. She ran counterclockwise today. Three more people showed up towards the end of my run, and two more at the very end. Otherwise, it was mostly just me, the clockwise chick, a flock of crows, and an entertaining squirrel.

I ran the first two laps at around 11:30/mile. This is a great pace for me right now. I know I can go faster, in the nines, but I'm not ready to hold that pace. It's amazing how steady I can hold the pace. I kept checking and while I didn't really get below 11:30/mile I stayed within 15-20 seconds of it towards the end of the run.

I walked most of the third lap, then ran the rest of the third plus a fourth. Walked a lap, then ran a fifth and I think a sixth and a seventh and maybe an eighth. Did I mention I lose track easily? I know I ran three consecutive laps, all under a 12 minute pace, and I think I ran most of a fourth. It was awesome. At least, my brain thought so. My right leg wasn't so sure. It's still stiff.

So, tomorrow is cross training and then I get a day off on Friday. Yay! Today's goal was to train for 40 minutes, and I did that. For today's mileage, I logged 3.34 miles (excluding the half mile warm up walk to the track). That brings the week 1 total to 8.49 miles. Woo hoo! For Saturday, I will run three consecutive laps. For Sunday, I want to run a mile. Without walking.

Stay tuned for how it works out. Don't change that dial!

Cheers (and not smelling of dog pee, uh uh no way),
the CilleyGirl

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