Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 3 Recap of My Quest for a Smaller Chest and Hot Marines

It's been a frustrating week of training capped off by a great weekend with friends and a successful long run.  Oh, and the Olympics!

As you know, I was having a brutal time of it with severe leg and foot cramps.  It got to the point where just standing my running shoes right after I put them on would result in cramps.  I limped out four miles on Tuesday but hurt so much on Thursday that I had to cut that four miler short.  I had thought the problem was that my electrolytes were out of whack and while I'm pretty sure they in fact were out of whack, after drinking 96 ounces of Nuun on Friday and then more gatorade on top of that yet still having problems I knew it had to be something more.

It's the new insoles.

Sadly, I did not come to that conclusion definitively by Saturday's CATnip 5K.  I was really looking forward to this race.  It's a great cause (Cat Adoption Team is a no-kill cat shelter in Sherwood) with great course support, this year it was a completely new (for them) course, and given that for the past two years for this race it was in the mid to high 80s, Saturday evening's race temp of around 76 degrees felt positively chilly to me.  Plus I was doing the race with great friends.

But it was not to be. 

My legs actually felt okay right up until the moment I started running on them.  Then it was instant cramps of my entire shins and feet.  It felt like I was running barefoot on iron bars (ever done that as a kid, stand on top of iron monkey bars?) while my shins were being beaten with those same bars.  Ouch does not even begin to cover it.  I stopped to stretch.  I stopped to retie my shoes.  By the quarter mile I gave up and just decided to walk the damn thing.  It was still nearly as painful to walk as it was to run.  I managed to run some of the last mile but couldn't even muster up the energy to run across the finish line, even with the happiness of seeing my friends doing first the wave and then making a victory tunnel for me to go through at the finish.  Pretty sure this was my slowest 5K race ever:  0:54:10.

During the race (or perhaps that should be "race"), I had a nearly overwhelming urge to take off my shoes and walk barefoot.  I decided that was a sign that it was the new insoles causing all the problems.  Unfortunately I have yet to figure out where I packed the original shoe lines for my new Nikes, but I did know exactly where my old Nikes were and I laced those up for Sunday's long run.  The first couple of miles were pretty ragged, as my legs and feet were still feeling bruised from Saturday plus I'd limped through 3.10 miles barely twelve hours earlier.  But then, no cramps!  Yay!  I finally found a good pace as I headed into mile three.  And fuel was my friend, my legs were tired from all the abuse of the past week.  Heading into my turnaround point I was feeling so comparatively good that I decided to push my nine miler out to ten.  I was regretting that decision just a tad around mile 8.5 ("We could be almost done," screamed my legs.  "But NOOOO, you had to do TEN miles.") but still finished strong.

Total scheduled mileage for Week 3:  20.
Total mileage completed:  19.52.

In other news, the Fruit Fly and her Man Friend came to stay with my this weekend to race.  We had a great time watching a ton of Olympic coverage -- so happy to have friends who share my fondness for the Olympics -- and, of course, eating and shopping and playing with kitties.  Plus FF got a 5K PR, as did MF as this was his very first 5K and his second race ever.  To put the cherry on top of it all, Kim took second in her age group and since the woman who took first also was first overall so Kim got first place Masters!  How awesome is that?!?!  Her prize was a jar of homemade cookies that I hear are quite delicious.  I may have to bop on back over to Kim's house to snitch one.  If I don't get lost finding my way to the kitchen ;)

You know it's a good weekend when you need a nap afterwards.

On top for Week 4 of MCM training is 4,3,4, and 7.  After this past week of pain, I love the idea of scaling back my long run.  Plus this weekend will be the first time in weeks that I can have a day to sleep in.  With packing and moving and training, I've had a few nights where I was able to get to bed early but not any days where there wasn't somewhere I had to be or something I had to do the next morning.  But at least one day this weekend I should be able to sleep until I wake up.  Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

the CilleyGirl

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thirteen Things Thursday: The Dogmeat Edition

1.  My legs feel like dogmeat.  I don't really know what dogmeat is per se, or even if it is one or two words, but my legs feel like it. 

2.   Then I started to feel like dogmeat.  I thought at first it was a bad kitten-inspired allergy attack but there aren't any kitten allergens at work (including none on my clothes) yet I felt awful all day yesterday.  Realized I'm probably getting sick.  Sore throat this morning seems to confirm it.

3.  I blame the move and a lack of hydration for all of this.  I'm trying to stay off my feet as much as possible and I've taken three Endurolyte capsules plus downed 32 ounces of Nuun today. 

4.  My runs this week have consequently sucked big green slimy donkey dongs.  Tuesday I managed to limp my way through four miles but my lower legs were completely swollen and I had persistent leg and foot cramps the entire time.  Slowest.  Four.  Miles.  Ever.  Today I cut my four miler short a little over halfway through it because I just felt like crying.  I am determined to get past this.

5.  Another 32 ounces of Nuun on tap!

6.  The kitties are settling in nicely.  I know I said I'd have pics this week but the little bastards cutie pies won't sit still long enough.  I think I've got them named:  Rudy and Little Bit.  Rudy is short for Rudy Valentino because he is such a lover.  It's also short for Rude Boy because while he is loving on you he tends to rub his butt all over your face.  And the past couple of days he's had gas.  So, Rudy.  With the girl I was trying out Daisy yesterday but I keep calling her Little Bit because she's so much smaller and daintier than Rudy and I think that one's going to stick. 

7.  Still absolutely loving my new apartment.  I am so happy I went with this place over that really big apartment.  Here, I have plenty of room including my own garage and a second dedicated parking place and also lots of light plus a fantastic view of the wetlands.  I'll have even more room once I finish unpacking, which has been going slowly the past few days because I've felt lousy and was trying to stay off my feet.  The lion's share of the boxes are all books and should go quickly. 

8.  Earlier this week I bought a bed for the guest room.  It won't be here for my guests this weekend but soon after.  So RR, that just means you have to come up again to test it out!

9.  Julie and I signed up for the Eugene Womens Half again this year.  Anyone else running it?  We're planning to get those mimosas and chocolate and free massages this year.  Even if we have to stage an assault and use Julie's husband to do it.  Hoping to finally get my sub-three half with this one. 

10.  Forgot to add that the kitties are destroying my house as we speak trapped under something heavy enjoying their first day of freedom from the bathroom quarantine.  It got fairly warm in the house yesterday and pretty stuff in that bathroom for them yesterday.  I also feel guilty having them closed up all day long and then all night long too.  After several evenings where they hadn't toppled anything on top of themselves or destroyed anything, I figured I'd see if they were ready to be out during the day.  The bedrooms are closed off -- too many boxes -- but otherwise they have the run of the place.  If it goes well today, I'll let them stay out overnight too. 

11.  I'm thinking chinese food for lunch.  If I ever get out of here for lunch.  Right now I'm learning everything I never wanted to know about qualification and disqualification of special assessment of exclusive farm use zone land for property tax purposes.  Oh, the excitement.

12.  The Olympics start tomorrow night! 

13.  Just pretend I said something witty to close this out.  'Cause otherwise, I got nothing.

the CilleyGirl

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Alive! With kittehs!

I survived the move.  Between work and training and packing/moving it was physically exhausting.  My seven miler on Sunday morning after moving on Saturday (on zero food, bad CG) was rough starting.

The new place is fabulous.  Lots of light and room and a fantastic view of the wetlands that makes for good cat TV.

Because I have kittehs!  Rudy Valentino and the girl kitty to be named later are settling in nicely.

More to come -- with pics -- later this week.

the CilleyGirl

Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 2 of My Quest for a Smaller Chest AND Hot Marines

Week one is done!

I did all of my runs, rather runningly even, for a total of four runs and 15 miles.  Wowsers.  I can't remember the last time I ran 15 miles in one week where that didn't include a half marathon race. 

Now on to week two!  This week's schedule is 3, 3, 4, and 7 for a total of 17 miles.  And since I am moving bright and early Saturday morning it will be a challenge.  I ended up running in misty rain yesterday to get my five miles done.  With all the garage sale stuff going on over the weekend, it was a challenge to get out there and do it.  Thinking this weekend will be the same.  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to let the big strong movers I hired do the majority of the lifting so that I'll be relatively fresh to run Sunday morning.  I really rather prefer long runs on Saturday now but for the next few this schedule is better. 

Did fairly decent at the garage sale.  Got my washer and dryer sold and Jules has a pretty pretty treadmill setup in her garage going on now, plus we had an enjoyable time last night watching her son and husband demolish my entertainment center for the recycle bins.  Had a few boxes of books plus some other items to take to Goodwill, also took five pairs of running shoes down to the main recycle center for the Nike recycling project.  I'm trying to throw away as little as possible in this move while still thinning out the herd of things.  Next up will be purging the closets and dressers for clothes I don't wear or want anymore.  If I have tech tees that I don't like or that don't fit well my mom takes them.  She loves them for working around the ranch since they wick. 

In other news, I got approved for kittehs!

They'll be here Sunday evening, along with my friend S, from Bend.  I'm going to take next Monday off so that I can do some unpacking, hang out with S and the kitties, etc.  Sleep a little, maybe.  I can't wait until I can close the door on the old place (after cleaning) and go start the next chapter in the new one.

the CilleyGirl

Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 1 of My Quest for a Smaller Chest AND Hot Marines!!

Gosh, CG, helps if you don't hit "Publish" immediately after writing the title of the post.  *facepalm*

I survived my second busiest deadline of the year and followed it up with four blissful days in Bend with great friends, great food, fabulous scenery and critters.  Lots and lots and lots of critters.  Ready?

First, there are two of my favorite dogs in the whole wide world, Kip and Lily.  I have known Kip for about ten years now, ever since he came into my friend S's world; I rode shotgun down to Medford to pick him up from his foster mom.  Kip not only is extremely smart with an amazing personality, he only has three legs -- all the better to get belly rubs with.  I like to tell people he lost his leg in a skydiving accident.   Lily is a total love sponge to those she knows, so we spent some quality snuggle time.

Then, there were kittehs!  Three to be exact, about six or seven weeks old.  They were the "J" litter -- my friends are fostering them -- so their preliminary names are Jolene, Justin and Jack.  Jack rapidly became Captain Jack or just Captain.  I decided pretty earlier on that Jolene and Justin were the kittehs for me. 

Jolene.  Can you stand the cute?

Jolene is a total diva and will be the boss. 

Justin.  Please ignore my huge tube neck.  It was an awkward position.

Justin is a big galoot and we think he'll be a fairly big cat with a laid back personality. 

It took three days and about two hours of romping the kittens to get these pictures.  I couldn't get any really decent shots of Captain.  He's black and white but with really cool stripey markings.  He is incredibly smart and I know I didn't want to do two intelligent beasties.  I really prefer my cats to be sweet but not overly bright.  Kind of like my dogs.  We have a strong suspicion that my friend's husband may want to keep Captain.  He'll have to make the call in about a week and a half. 

So.....  In other news, today officially begins Marine Corps Marathon training!  And did I get up and go run and not talk myself out of it because I was tired?  You bet your camoflauged ass I did!!  Is that how you spell camoflauge?  I'm too lazy to look it up.  Because I was up early to RUN.

You'll remember that I am doing this as part of Runner World's annual Runner World Challenge.  Which means that I spent a crapload of money but I also get coaching support from people like Bart Yasso plus a free RW training program.  I chose the marathon program for beginners, even though this will be my third.  I just don't have the base miles.  Even the "this will be my first marathon" program had more miles per week.  Which seemed counterintuitive but whatever.  

The program has me running four times a week; I haven't looked past the second week but it seems like it will be a lot like what I did for the past two marathons.   So overall I like the plan but don't like the days.  They have scheduled run days as being Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday for long runs.  Um, no thanks, I like to have one weekend day off.  I plan to do Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  Hopefully Julie will want to do long runs with me again.  Seattle is just around the corner you know!!

How was your Fourth of July?

the CilleyGirl