Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 5, part 2: The Doggie Death March

aka, "The Tongues, They Are A'Hangin'."

They weren't being very cooperative in my taking their pictures. Mostly they just wanted their dinners. The brown dog is Schmart Dog; she's almost 13 and rather (ahem) fluffy with a bad leg so she can't go much more than a mile these days. The white dog is CBS -- Cute But Stupid. Sorry, but she is. She's 14 and getting senile, although really she's always been like this. She can go far, but tends to run in front of anyone and anything because she just doesn't notice anyone or anything.
Still got to do some booty shaking tonight to round out my cross training day, but the dogs, they are a'satisfied.
the CilleyGirl

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