Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 15 and the start of week 3: A small setback.

I really have to write out my training plan so I don't have to keep checking my blog or counting on my fingers to figure out which day I'm on.

Anyhow, a bit of a disappointing start to week 3:  I have a migraine.  No run for me today.  I can run through a lot of stuff but not a migraine. 

I took a nap shortly after I got home from my triumphant 5K yesterday and that was probably a mistake.  I didn't get enough fluids into me before I did it and it was in the 90s yesterday so not only was I dehydrated from running but from the heat in my room as well.  I woke up with a headache, hydrated the rest of the day and felt better by bedtime but then I couldn't sleep.  I tossed and turned and only lightly dozed all night, despite two rounds of sleep aids.  I finally managed to fall asleep early this morning once I coerced my fluffy dog into bed with me.  She's like a blankie for me; I pass out the minute I get a handful of her fluffy fluffy fur. 

I stayed in bed until 1:00 this afternoon and now I'm hydrating again and trying to eat something.  I think after I eat that if I can manage a shower I can get out to do my grocery shopping and maybe pick up a new running book at the bookstore (going to check out ChiRunning).  If I manage not to throw up. 

All this means that today is a rest day and Monday I will do today's run.  A bit of a setback but manageable.

the CilleyGirl

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