Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 19: I'm sore like a... uh, what gets sore?

All I can think of is "I'm sore like a 'ho" (but, you know, all rhymie and stuff) and I have no idea where that came from.  More accurate for me would be "I'm sore like a nun" but then that's really TMI, yeah?

Okay, getting on with it.

Check out today's mileage!  3.73 miles baybee!  In 47 minutes!  Well, that part is probably only awesome for me because I am a moose and a slow moose at that.  My legs are very sore and stiff.  Even my arms hurt, and I can't figure out why; the only thing my arms did were carry my big, meaty fists. 

Nothing exciting to report about the workout.  The crow brigade was back in force.  I figure they either watch us, thinking we're crazy, or they're looking for weakness and the moment when they can attack.  Yes, I did watch The Birds; why do you ask?  It was cold and foggy and DAMP this morning.  It took until my third alarm to figure somebody was serious about my getting up this morning, then I spent eight minutes snoozing and debating whether I really wanted to get up and run.  About a minute before the snooze went off I decided that while I didn't want to get up and run, I was going to get up and run anyway.  If Eddie and the Biggest Loser people can do it, I can do it.

But damn, it was damp.  I was shaking when I got home, plus I must have miscalculated what time I left the house because when I got back I only had ten minutes before I needed to get in the shower (and oh, it was a wonderful shower).  I had time to gulp down a big glass of chocolate milk and kick CBS out the back door to go potty and that was it.  I had to force down oatmeal and water once I got to work.  I could feel a headache brewing and I knew I had to eat and rehydrate.  Problem is, I don't like primarily carbs after a workout.  I want meat.  I want eggs.  I want.... well, anything but oatmeal apparently.  If I hadn't been running late I would have swung by McDonald's on my way to work for a sausage mcmuffin with egg.  Or two.  I have the calorie allowance. 

Oh hey, I do have something to report on the workout:  I ran out the timer.  Meaning, I stayed on the track the whole workout time, rather than heading home for the last ten minutes of time.  I even ran an extra half lap past the end of the workout.  My brain was pissed about that, and now I'm thinking my legs weren't so happy either, but I did it. 

And that's probably why I was running late this morning (pun intended?  sure, why not!).  I could still go for a sausage mcmuff.  But just one.  Good thing I foresaw the ravenous hunger and brought in a Kellogg's Fiber Plus Antioxidants bar.  (Are you listening, Kellogg's??)

I had a hard time keeping pace this morning.  First I ran too fast and got a side stitch which is something I have a difficult time running through.  I had to slow down and walk a lap, and then I couldn't get my stride back for the longest time.  I was running like a lumbering bear, I was too fast, I was too slow.  Some times all at the same time.  I finally got it together and then just kept going.  I still feel chilled. 

Tomorrow is a rest day (yay!), then a 60-minute run is on schedule for Saturday.  It is supposed to rain on Saturday, then jump 10 degrees in temp for Sunday.  That should be fun, no?

Off to earn my living (and drink more water; that headache is still lurking),
the CilleyGirl

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