Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today's Zen iPod Moment and Saturday's FREE 5K

Right after I started my run this morning, this came on:
I'm not running anymore.
Thanks much, Mr. Mellencamp, but I will be running more.

In fact, I just signed up for a free 5K run for this Saturday.  While officially I live in Cilleyland, I overlook Cilleygard and most identify with it in my area.  Turns out their having their 5th annual familyfest (lack of capitals their's, not mine) this weekend and as part of it there is a free 5K run Saturday morning.  A perfect way to get in my training that day.  Even better, the first 200 peoples to sign up get a free t-shirt too.  And there is a free breakfast and a free bus ride back to City Hall right after.  So if you live in the Cilleyland metro area and want something to do on Saturday that is free, check out their website for more information.  Online registration closes today at 4 PM but you can register the day of the race at City Hall.

the CilleyGirl

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