Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 12: I think I'm getting faster.

Maybe not faster per se, but at least running more. I was looking at my past few runs in Nike+ and here are my paces:

16:00 min/mile
14:37 min/mile
13:45 min/mile
13:03 min/mile -- today's run

I did 3.03 miles this morning. My legs were protesting the 12 hour recovery time but on the whole it felt pretty good. I'm going to check the calibration on my Nike+ though; I just don't remember going around the track that many times. Although when I think back, I know I ran the first two laps, walked two more, ran another lap, then ran at least four consecutive. That's what, nine laps at least that I remember. I guess maybe I could have done 12. That's why I got the Nike+, so I wouldn't have to pay attention to distance. But still, no harm in recalibrating it on Saturday.

For Saturday is when I run again. Tomorrow is a rest day. Yay! Maybe something more interesting will happen for me to write about. Lately, there just isn't much. Got to watch a guy doing football drills this morning. That was a nice distraction but nothing to blog about. He didn't fall down or get mobbed by crows or anything. There was a guy playing fetch with his dogs, a rottweiler and a doberman. Because when you think fetch, you think rottweiler and doberman.

Okay, between the smoothie that's more like a shake and the post-workout cooldown I'm starting to shiver. Off to the showers and work for me!

the CilleyGirl

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  1. My Nike+ was always off by 0.1 mile, despite calibration. Not a big deal when you're only running 3 or 4 miles...but those 0.1 miles really begin to add up when you're doing 10+ miles! I hated having to set my distance at 11 miles, when I was really only doing 10! Enjoy your rest day!