Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 13: Sweet, sweet rest day.

My legs are sooooo happy today is a rest day.  Except for my left shin, my legs feel fully recovered from the two runs I put them through less than 12 hours apart.  Not planning to do that again unless absolutely necessary!

Speaking of my left shin, I have this weird pain/pull thing going on.  No, it's not my shoes being tied too tight, although I did just loosen up the laces on my left foot yet again.  I can not get the damn things tied properly.  It's much easier than you think to tie your shoes too tight.  It's not like my foot goes numb or anything to give me a clue.  I just start to get cramps in my lower legs, usually in the front.  Difficult to tell if it's really a cramp or shin splints or if my damn shoes are tied too tight.  But there is something going on with my left shin that now I'm not so sure is shin splints or shades of a stress fracture to come.  Usually when I have shin pain, I can push on a spot on my shin and when I get to the bone it is very sensitive and hurts.  It usually fades away to a certain extent.  Right now, though, I don't have that ouchy spot but I still have pain and kind of a pull in the muscle in that general usually-ouchy area when I walk.  I can't figure it out.  Maybe the muscle slipped off its attachy-point and is pulling oddly?  (like my technical terms?  this is why I abandoned my vet school plans and went to law school instead)  Stretching definitely stretches it and it feels a little tiny bit better, but it is as if I can't stretch it quite far enough.  Maybe I overstretched it? 

Beats me.  But now I'm jonesing for new shoes.  New shoes solve everything.  I was going through Runner World's fall shoe review again and I have three pairs I want to try:  Asics Gel Evolution 5, Brooks Trance 9, and New Balance 1225s.  Hmm, I don't have to pay for bellydance class until the first week in October; maybe my budget can let me shop now instead of next month?  Time to check the bank balances!  I could always shop after my 5K tomorrow....

the CilleyGirl

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