Sunday, January 31, 2010

Days 19, 20, and 21: Catching up!

Hello my Cilley friends!  Sorry I've been away for a while.  Not physically.  Just mentally. 

As I reported on Thursday, a migraine was a'brewing and it landed shortly before 6:00 p.m. that night.  I ate a foolish dinner (did you know that a double whopper with cheese has over 1,000 calories??  tres foolish!) that I didn't even really want and then took a pretty little vicodin with tylenol and passed out.  By Friday it was gone but I was still feeling beat, both mentally and physically.  I'm sure it's just the training catching up with me. 

So, how am I doing?  Let's recap Week 3.

Mon/Day 15 - Rest.  SUCCESS!  I an the Empress of Leisure.  Except for that whole pesky work thing.

Tue/Day 16 - 3 miles.  SUCCESS!  I logged exactly 3.0 miles at a 12:04 min/mile pace.

Wed/Day 17 - Weights.  SUCCESS!  Except I did my upper body circuit on Saturday, making this the rest day instead.

Thu/Day 18 - 4 miles.  SUCCESS!  I logged exactly 4.0 miles (I'm getting better at switching off the iPod) at a 12:11 pace.  This four mile run was easier than last week's run by far.

Fri/Day 19 - 3 miles and weights.  SUCCESS!  Even after the migraine the night before, I logged 3.01 miles at an 11:35 pace and I did my lower body circuit.  Yay!

Sat/Day 20 - Rest.  SUCCESS!  As I said, I did my Wednesday weights here instead.  I also went to a Zumba class before.  I liked it, although I sucked at it, and I'll do it again.  However, I didn't like that it is at noon on Saturdays.  It eats up too much of my day.  There is a class on Wednesday evenings, I might try to fit that in instead. 

Sun/Day 21 - 7 miles.  SUCCESS!  I had a lovely day out at the Marine Drive trail and I did 7.02 miles at a 14:00 flat pace.  I walked a lot -- I had forgotten to grab a granola bar on the way out the door and so had zero energy at the start of the run.  Shortly after mile 1 I Gu'd up (SO happy I had thrown in an extra Gu) and felt much better once that kicked in.  This is the longest distance I've ever done and I think I did pretty well.  My feet got tired around 5.5 miles (which then became my second Gu stop) but my legs recovered quickly once I was done.  Last week's six mile was at a 13:47; I think if I hadn't started out at a bonk I could have at least matched that. 

Total distance for Week 3:  17.07 miles. 

I did a little too much gear shopping over the past couple of weeks, which ate more deeply into my marathon fund than I had planned, but I am loving the bodybugg and yesterday I hit the Pearl Izumi outlet and found a great outer layer which I tried out today.  It is a cycling jacket but I liked it a lot better than the similar ones designed for running.  For starters, the sleeves zip off to convert it into a vest, and I actually got warm enough today to be extremely happy I had that option.  There is also an abundance of pockets -- four, compared to the REI outler layer I had been running in which had only one.  Why it doesn't even have two I have no idea.  The Pearl Izumi also doesn't have the stank issue that my REI layer does.  Since it wasn't raining today (yay!!) I didn't get to compare water resistance but there's no way the Pearl could get as heavy as the REI one does.  I'll still use the REI layer when it's cold, but I think the Pearl will become my favorite go-to jacket.

The mileage goes up two miles for next week:

Mon/Day 22 - Rest.
Tue/Day 23 - 3 miles.
Wed/Day 24 - Weights.
Thu/Day 25 - 5 miles.
Fri/Day 26 - 3 miles and weights.
Sat/Day 27 - Rest.
Sun/Day 28 - 8 miles.

Well, I am again in the early stages of a migraine.  I waited too long to eat between brunch and dinner; a "quick oil change" for my car turned into nearly two hours.  But except for spark plugs I got all of the big maintenance out of the way and my little Zippy should be good for another 30,000 miles.

Here's wishing you all a great week!

the CilleyGirl

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 18: Hey CilleyGirl! You just ran four miles with relative ease and almost completely pain free! What will you do now?

Oh, I don't know.  I think I'll flirt with a migraine.

Yep.  After a FABULOUS run this morning where almost nothing hurt until partway through the third mile and then only just a few twinges (in the pesky right hip), I've had a headache come on this afternoon that is not boding well.  Guess I'll look at the bright side and say (a) it's not actually a migraine, (b) the caffeine I'm ingesting as I write this seems to be helping, (c) um, forgot what c would be.... oh yeah! it will be very easy to go to bed early again tonight if my head keeps hurting, and (d) if all else fails, what a wonderful reason to have some chocolate (if there's a chance you might urp it back up again, the calories don't count).

I LOVED running without pain.  I've made a point of doing a few minutes walking to warm up before a run (and cool down, helps prevent exercise headaches -- hmm, I cut it a bit short this morning, maybe that's the problem!) and this morning I took a few extra minutes to stretch my legs and my hips.  I felt like I found my stride right away, instead of feeling like a moose puppet with a few strings cut.  And did I mention the NO PAIN part?  I wonder if it would have kept up if I hadn't stopped briefly at two miles for a water break. 

Here's hoping tomorrow will go just as well.  It's "only" a three mile day. 

I did remember to pick up a class schedule at the gym and I was right, there is a Zumba class on Saturdays at noon.  I can get some extra sleep, do the weights I skipped yesterday, and make the class, should I so desire. 

I think I'm really going to enjoy having the bodybugg and what it tells me.  The only thing seems to be that I have a teeny tiny little reaction to where the (metal plate) contacts meet my skin.  Not enough to not wear it, but enough to where I keep fiddling with it because it starts to itch a little when I'm moving my arms a lot.  Last night I downloaded the data and then ended up going back a day to compare something between the two.... realized that I didn't consider that there are 24 hours in a given day in which it tracks the calories you burn.  I was surprised to find I actually burned a few hundred calories more than I originally thought (from the stats when I downloaded it the first time).  It was like extra, added bonus calories.  It was also cool to see how active I was yesterday when I did what we call full-contact filing at the office.  I'll post some more on the bugg this weekend.

Yep, think early bed is definitely on the agenda.  After some doggie love, that is.  My Schmart Dog informed me this morning that she has not had nearly enough love recently.  She informed me of this by shoving her head between my needs and rubbing her head on my legs while I scratched her ears.  As I was stretching before my run I had to keep brushing dog fur off me.  She came back for another round when I was trying to get my shoes on to leave for work.  Very neglected puppy. 

Almost Friday!  Hope your week is going well!

the CilleyGirl  

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 17: Taking a mental health day

I skipped my weights workout this morning.  As I've said before, I like lifting weights but when the alarm went off this morning I was just.... blah.  A headache was brewing and I was just so tired.  I'll do more on the new bodybugg later in the week, but in looking at my first day stats last night I was surprised to learn that I had gotten more than an hour less of sleep than I had thought.   And since it seemed like it had been a normal night, maybe I'm not getting as much sleep overall as I had thought.  No wonder I was so tired last night!  Tonight I definitely want to be in bed by 9:00 since the alarm will be going off at 5:30 again tomorrow.  I might go do weights on Saturday (otherwise a rest day); I'm interested in trying my gym's Zumba class and I think it's offered on Saturdays.

You may remember one of my 2010 goals is to try five new vegetables.  I've already tried kale; I had kale chips on New Year's day, and there is a tasty sounding soup recipe that I want to try with kale and white beans.  Last night I had to run to the market on my way home to get some plain yogurt for the halibut I was making and I decided to pick up some veggies while I was there -- I was at New Seasons, where I don't typically shop but as I move towards eating more organic I may go there more in the future.  Anyhow, I decided to buy -- dun dun DUN!!! -- brussel sprouts.  Which I then ate.  With my halibut and sweet potato fries. 

Verdict on the sprouts:  Not bad.  If I had to choose between broccoli and brussel sprouts, I might choose the sprouts (although I've been working on my broccoli cooking techniques; it's much better when it's not broccoli mush).  I did a recipe for the sprouts where you parboil them until just tender, then cut them into slices.  The slices are sauteed with a little olive oil and garlic (and onion, if you're not, you know, me), then finished off with a bit of balsamic vinegar cooked down.  When it came towards time to add the balsamic vinegar, I found out.... I actually did not have any.  Could've sworn I did.  So either (a) I used it all up some time ago and don't remember doing it, or (b) it grew legs and walked off.  Maybe my ex made off with it.  Since that was several years ago (the ex, that is), obviously I don't use balsamic vinegar very often.  I made do with a little balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing but that turned out too oily.  Balsamic vinegar is now on my shopping list.  And I have three more veggies yet to try in 2010.

Speaking of food, a few weeks ago I was grocery shopping and looking for ways to trim calories.  I found some whole wheat bread that is only 45 calories per slice, compared to the 110 calories per slice bread (and not always whole wheat; usually 12-grain always tastes better) that I had been using for my sandwiches and toast.  That whole wheat bread has good taste but I don't like the texture; it's a little too Wonder bread-ish for me.  As in, light and squishy.  It's also about the size of Wonder bread slices, so pretty small.  Made it easier not to go overboard on sandwich fillings, but overall the bread just wasn't my favorite.  Last night as New Seasons I went and perused their bread aisle to see if I could find a better alternative that was still under 100 calories per slice.  I finally went with a Russian Rye; it's not whole grain but it is 70 calories per good-sized slice.  And it has that heavier texture I like.  Once the (organic) avocados I bought ripen, I'll be having turkey and swiss with avocado on Russian rye!  Next time I might try the Jewish rye (just what is the difference, anyway?) or maybe go for a large-slice higher calorie whole grain bread and just make sandwiches using one slice of bread.

I also got a small butternut squash that I will probably roast to have with salmon.  And I forgot I got broccoli, so I can have that as well.   Hmm, now I'm getting hungry!

the CilleyGirl

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 16: I am BUGGED today, on so many levels.

Let me tell you about it.

First -- and this is the one from which all others flow, so to speak.  It's getting to be that TOM, and it sucks.  I already have sore legs (from running, you pervs) and the general achiness and fuzzy head preceding Aunt Flo's arrival just ain't helping.  This is when I start to think that maybe the alternatives of not having a period aren't so bad.  Then I remember that those alternatives (for me, with the PCOS and all) are announcer voice on "mild to moderate, and may include suicidal depression, homicidal impulses, rage, and all around psychopathy."  This is why, and it's probably a good thing, that two out of my three years of law school are kind of a blank.  I lost a few friends during that time.  Haven't gone off the hormones since.

Second.  Today I must write finish a motion for summary judgment.  It was due last week, and I first heard about this motion at all two days after it was due.  I -- and I use the term very particularly, because it's not me who has to sign it but I have to write it, dammit -- got an extension to tomorrow, but since boss is going away for the weekend starting tomorrow it's really only an extension to today.  I'd rather be doing anything other than this.  As evidence by my logging into not the legal research website just now, but the comparable sales website.  They both start with "L", I was close, yeah?   Boss better bring me back something good from New York.  I'm just sayin'.

And since I've started this post, I have finished the draft of the motion.  Bah.

Third.  My bodybugg arrived last night!   I got it set up and charged and on my arm last night.  I wanted to sleep with it on because the sleep tracking is one of the things I am most interested in.  I also wanted to be able to run with it on this morning.  I'll see what it registers in terms of calorie burn, etc., once I get home tonight.  It's not too noticeable to have on; I barely noticed it all while sleeping or running.  I am hoping that the band doesn't have latex in it, since I do not get along well with latex.  (We've both agreed to see other substances.) 

So, on to this morning's run.  I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and decided to not go this morning but instead go tonight.  And then five minutes later I decided to go this morning anyways.  I just like mornings better for working out.  Wish I didn't actually have to be conscious for it all, but there you go.  Logged my three miles and ran all but about 12 steps (I had to take a quick water break).  I was very stiff when I started out -- mainly my right hip flexor as usual -- and felt so slow, but when I checked my pace I was actually doing pretty well.  Go figure.  I think my overall pace was a few seconds over 12 minutes; I was doing right around my best 5K pace.  My legs were very tired for the last mile.  I might go shoe shopping this weekend.  I think being a big moose my shoes wear out faster.  I'll have to go back and check how many miles I actually have on these (my BRIGHT PINK pair of New Balance 769s). 

Yay, it's lunchtime!  I hope Hercule Poirot solves this crime soon.

the CilleyGirl

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 15: When CilleyGirls go bad.

As you may have guessed from yesterday's post, I've got a good case of the grumps coming on.  So, to try to head that off at the pass -- or at least give you something more interesting to read about then me bitching -- let me tell you about the mani-pedi I had on Saturday.

I've been wanting to find a decent hole in the wall kind of nails place.  I usually go to a spa/salon place and while good for special occasions, on a regular basis it's pretty pricey.  Plus the spa I go to doesn't have the massaging chairs.  In fact, their pedicure chairs kind of suck.  Maybe I shouldn't even go there for special occasions.  Hmmm. 

Anyhow, we went to a place next door to one of my favorite sushi places, by my friend S's house.  The manicure was okay.  She didn't chop my cuticles all to hell, which was very very good.  I ask you, why do they do that?  They cut into your fingers and then they pour polish remover all over them.  Double ouchies!  So, good on the cuticles, but I am the type who believes that the polish should evenly cover the nail bed in its entirety.  And I have some bare spots.  I'm just sayin'.

But they do have great massage chairs.  And highly amusing massage chairs.  She turns on the massage part of it and I'm not certain that it had a vibrate option but in retrospect it's probably a good thing.  And here's why. 

The chair starts at the head.  It's pushing and rubbing and beating, and -- like they do -- it starts doing this on down my back.  Neck, shoulders, mid-back, low back -- all perfectly normal, down the back of the chair.  Like a big fist coming out of the chair, it's doing this.  So then I expect it to start massaging back up my spine.  Except.


Y'all.  Suddenly this thing pokes me right in the hoo-ha.  And I'm already jittery from the pedicure itself, because for some reason I was extremely ticklish that day, and I'm trying not to twitch my feet but it's an autonomic reaction so I really can't help it.  So when this happens -- and remember how I described it as a big fist?  -- so when this BIG FIST kind of knead-punches me right in the coochie, I'm taken just a tad by surprise.  I swear, you know how those women have babies who don't realize they're pregnant?  This had to be just like that, but in reverse.  It was a pornographic version of Aliens

All the while, Glee is playing on the TV in the salon.  Molested by a chair to music.

And it was the Thong Song

I am not making this up.

With this I leave you,
the CilleyGirl

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little experiment for the ladies

While I don't have an eidetic memory per se, I do have a very good memory.  I particularly remember things that form patterns.  It helps in my job.  But that brings me to my little experiment, namely:

How many of the ladies reading this blog have either just finished, are about to start, or are on their period right now?

I've never had a problem with bodily functions, my own or anyone else's.  It's a fact of life:  if you are a woman, you most like have a menstrual cycle.  It's also well known that women in physical proximity gradually sync up their cycles.  Women in the same house, in the workplace.  I don't know if it has to do with the moon or girl power or what. 

Anyhow, over the past few months, I've noticed that for many of the blogs I read, we all seem to be, how shall I say?  Ships passing in the same lane.  So, if you want to participate in my cilley experiment, please leave a comment and we'll see if this works for both women in physical proximity and internet proximity.  If you want your comment to be anonymous, that's okay (I think you can leave anonymous comments here...).

Yes, I do have too much time on my hands!  Or else I'm just curious to find out if we're all suffering together.

the CilleyGirl

Week 2 recap: I still didn't die.

Here is a recap of Week 2:

Mon/Day 8 - Rest:  SUCCESS!   I did absolutely nothing exercise related.
Tue/Day 9 - Weights:  SUCCESS!  Did the upper body circuit.  Triceps didn't hurt quite as much this week.
Wed/Day 10 - 3 miles:  SUCCESS!  Logged 3 miles.
Thu/Day 11 - 4 miles:  SUCCESS!  I ran it in the evening but I ran. 
Fri/Day 12 - 3 miles and weights:  SUCCESS!  Also in the evening but I got it done. 
Sat/Day 13 - Rest:  SUCCESS!  Instead I my friend S and I were the ladies who lunch.  We shopped, we lunched, I got a mani-pedi.
Sun/Day 14 - 6 miles:  SUCCESS!  It was a slow start -- darn exercise-induced asthma plagued me for the first mile and my legs felt like wood until amost mile 3 -- and I was soaked, but I logged the 6 miles.

Total mileage for the week:  16 miles.

I can't believe tomorrow begins Week 3.  The schedule is below.  As I mentioned before, running three days in a row this past week was really fatiguing for my legs, so I've swapped my weights day around.  Also, the seven mile long run on Sunday will be the longest distance I have ever run.  My foot was sore before and after running, but still not too bad during.  I'm watching it closely for any swelling or any other sudden changes.  Fingers crossed, it will stay status quo until after Eugene.  (Ideally, it will get better completely!)

Mon/Day 15 - Rest.
Tue/Day 16 - 3 miles.
Wed/Day 17 - Weights.
Thu/Day 18 - 4 miles.
Fri/Day 19 - 3 miles and weights.
Sat/Day 20 - Rest.
Sun/Day 21 - 7 miles.

Hope your week goes well!

the CilleyGirl

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 12: Planning to blow off a workout.

Well, "blow off" might be a little bit strong.  Let me explain. 

Last night I did in fact go to the gym and get my four miles in.  The good news is that the sore foot was only a little bit sore.  The not so good news is that everything else hurt.  Bah!  Maybe not everything else, but my left leg was kind of one big cramp.  Why?  I have no freakin idea.  Just once, I'd like to run and have nothing hurt.  Does that actually happen for people?  The no-pain part, I mean.  It must, otherwise why would anyone ever run?  Unless I've fallen into a secret club of masochists.  Remember my junior high PE teacher, the infamous Mr. H, that could be.

Anyhow, I did run.  And I already knew at the time that if I ran that Thursday night that I was not likely to run Friday morning.  And I was okay with that.  The Gazelle had a great post yesterday on the topic of skipping workouts.  It helped me not beat myself up quite so much.  And at the bottom of it all was the knowledge that I would have rather ran Thursday and potentially swapped my run from Friday to Saturday, instead of the alternative of not running Thursday and then having to run Friday, Saturday and my long run on Sunday.  I knew with the latter, odds were extremely high that I wouldn't do it.  Now, I really would prefer to go run now, after work, rather than tomorrow, but that's a 50-50 prospect right now.  Either way, I'm good.  It is kind of peacefully quiet at the gym on Friday nights, almost as good as the early mornings.  Maybe I will go.  Then I could go get that mani-pedi tomorrow that I've been wanting...

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

the CilleyGirl

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 11: There's good news and then not so good news and then bad news.

Good news:  My ankle popped last night and knock on wood seems to have resolved my sore foot problem.

Not so good news:   I didn't make it to the gym this morning.  I tossed and turned last night with an upset tummy, so at 5:30 this morning I did not want to get up.  I also am not entirely sure about my sore foot, so I thought maybe I should rest it a day and see.   I reset my alarms and went back to bed.  About five minutes later as I lay there I decided that that was bullshit, that I would get up and go.  And then the next thing I remember is my alarm going off an hour and a half later.  Yes, apparently the conversation went something like "I really should go; if I still don't feel well then I can stop but I should at least trzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."  Moral of the story:  Never make decisions with your eyes closed.  While I am disappointed in myself that I did not go, on the other hand I must have needed the sleep. 

Good news:  If I don't have to sub for bowling tonight I can go to the gym after work.  Or I can count today as a rest day and then run on Saturday.  I can't yet decide which of those options I prefer. 

Bad news:  Kermit has still croaked.  Wasn't that the funniest damn picture?  And the story, about finding bloodstains in the box he was in.  *snerk*

I'm off to earn my kibble!

the CilleyGirl

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh my god! They killed Kermit! You bastards!

Full story here:

Still snickering (and printing this one out for the office wall),
the CilleyGirl

Day 10: A fine line beween perky and abusive.

It's Day 10 of training and I completed my three miles this morning.  I also realized there is a fine line between giving yourself a pep talk and calling yourself names.  I will illustrate with the conversation going on in my head at 5:30 this morning:

Usual Me:  Ugh, 5:30 already?  I really do not want to get up.

Abusive Me:  Loser.  Get your ass out of bed and to the gym already.

Perky Me:   Come on now, you can do it. 

Usual Me:  But I'm exhausted.

Abusive Me:  Because you're a big fat moose of a loser. 

Perky Me:  You know that not only will be you glad that you went, you'll be disapointed in yourself if you don't go.  And it's so much better to be glad that you went.

Abusive Me:  Yes, because you're slow and huge and not losing weight because you're a quitter.

Usual Me:  It's taking forever.  No matter what I do, I'm not seeing any results.

Abusive Me:  Except for getting huger. 

Perky Me:  Now, now, you know you didn't gain weight overnight, you can't expect to lose it overnight either.  You've been out of shape for years, it's not supposed to be easy right away.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and we wouldn't be facing a national obesity crisis. 

Abusive Me:  Still freakin' slow though. 

Really, what mode do you automatically default to when you're trying to get yourself to do something?   Perky or abusive?  A combination of the two?  That's really where I was this morning.  Trying to be stern with that part of me that wanted to crawl back into bed and get another hour of sleep.  But stern would easily turn into "Loser.  Big fat loser.  Do it, you big fat loser." 

As I said, I did get up (more or less on time) and I went to the gym and I ran.  Ran the whole three miles too.  The carrot I dangled to get that done was to be able to walk during tomorrow's four mile run.  To which I am not looking forward.  I realized last night that it was rather dumb of me to set up my training schedule to get up early and run three days in a row.  It was truly one of those smack the forehead moments.  What was I thinking?  So next week I will start switching what is current my Tuesday cross training day with my Wednesday run.  That way, while I am still getting up early, I will run, cross train, run, run.  Rather than cross train, run, run, run, die.  Or bail, particularly since the last day in that schedule lands on Fridays. 

Really not looking forward to tomorrow's run.  I've gotten better about doing a warm up and a cool down to head off exercise-induced headaches (it's a rare day when my head doesn't hurt in some way, shape or form), but a headache came on late in the morning anyways and it's still with me.  Plus my right foot is still sore.  It feels like when you step hard on a sharp rock in your bare feet and get a deep down bruise.  I'm sticking my head in the sand as to whether it could be a sign of a stress fracture.  So far, it only starts to ache if I'm on my feet for a bit.  For example, at mile two of a three mile run.  There's no real swelling, it's just tender, and it's not throwing off my running stride.  The shin splint I had the other day was exponentially worse than this.  It's just worrisome.  Maybe I did bruise it and just don't remember. 

I remembered last night around 10:15 that I had plans to go to bed early.  Funny how that works.  The Biggest Loser still is not thrilling me.   Too much screaming last night.  I had been leaning a little towards the Red team but after last night, nope.  She has to be throwing the weigh ins (I don't blame her, but I'm with Jillian -- fess up!) and now every time I see the husband on the screen I want to tell him to trim his goatee.  It's really rather bushy, isn't it?  It's getting to be where I can not stand anyone except for the Gray team and the Black team.  I stayed up for that?  *yawn* 

I think I'm done for the day. 

the CilleyGirl

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 9: Burns of Steel vs. Arms of Jell-o

Tuesdays are my days to do the upper body weights circuit.  And my arms are Jell-o.  As you might have guessed.  I still feel like such a wuss; decided to bump up the triceps machine from 10 lbs to 15 -- and could not move it.  Even at 10 lbs, by the last set I had to use my right arm to move the bar into position for my left arm as I just couldn't move it.  Big wuss.  But that is why I am keeping a training log, so not only can I see how big of a wuss I am now, I can see how not big of a wuss I am later.  Or something like that.

If I'm starting up the food diary again, then it must be time to TRY A NEW ONE.  Yes, we bring back CilleyGirl's road testing of the online food diaries.  This time it is DailyBurn, for which I saw a mention on another blog, something about bacon.  No More Bacon?   Yes, that's it.  Anyhow, it's only been a day but so far I really, really like it.  (So now I'm sure I've just cursed it.)  It has both a free option and then a couple of paid plans.  Right now I'm using the free option.  Entering food has been easy peasey; everything I've wanted to enter is in there, it's just point and click, there are not only lots of database entries but you also have access to other user entries.  Even the thing I thought wasn't in there, was.  Which reminds me, it would be nice if it had the Google "Hey, moron!" option.  You know, as in "Hey, moron!  Did you mean to search for....?"  Because I didn't spell it correctly the first time I searched for it, and didn't realize it until after I'd already entered in the food.  To join the dozen of other entries on the same damn thing, I'm sure.  Although I would have thought that "Cascadia Farms" would have found "Cascadian Farms", but no.  And Cascadian Farms is a stupid name.  It should have been Cascadia Farms. 

Dear Cascadian Farms:   if you send me free Dark Chocolate Almond Granola cereal I will forgive you.  Because it was really tasty.  And it was really easy to enter in to the food diary either way.  Love, CilleyGirl.
Back to the topic at hand.  So far I have only entered in food.  I started to look at the exercise log portion and while it may be involved to start it doesn't seem all that complicated.  I started to log in my weights workout this morning and learned that I can enter each exercise I did this morning, but I had left my training log in the car (as you do) so I decided to work on entering it in tonight and see how it goes.  Oh, by the way, I do still like the food diary I found at Everyday Health.  But there are aspects of DailyBurn that are better than Everyday Health; stuff where you would have to keep going back to the main page to enter the next thing, just nitpicky things that, while definitely better on Everyday Health than other food diaries, would have been my suggestions of things to improve on Everyday Health.

And now I will not type "Everyday Health" again in this post.

Because I hope to appeal not only to like-minded running and healthy lifestyle changing readers, I like to include things that don't involve that.  So let's talk about 24, shall we?  The new season is off to a great start.  Poor Jack, getting pulled back in to another day where he never gets to use the toilet.  Unless someone tries to drown him in one, that is.  President Taylor is my favorite president on the show since President Palmer, played by Dennis Haysbert ("Hats for bats.  Keep bats warm.  Thank you.").  Then there is the current head of CTU NY, played by Mykelti Williamson, whom I remember from when he was still plain old Michael T. Williamson.  One of those actors who I am always glad to see, like "Hey!  It's great he's getting a lot of work." 

It's great to have Chloe back.  I'm fairly certain that Mykelti's character is falling in hot, hot love for Chloe.  Have you noticed the looks he's been giving her?  They all started once she started standing up to him.  You know, basically being Chloe.  Maybe he's a secret submissive and now he has all these fantasies of Chloe in leather and latex with a whip and stiletto heels.  It's these things that keep me amused when the plot drags.  Like with the bald cop dragging Jack to the basement for a beating.  Or whenever Freddie Prinze Jr. is on screen.  Which I find sad, because I really like FPJ, but his character is nearly one-dimensional so far.  Even when he bomb-blocked Hassan's car.  Oh, and Hassan is deeply boring.  And I'm not feeling the motivation for his bad brother.  Poor casting on those two.  Last, but really not least, that blond CTU chick with the hidden past and the nasty ex?  That really better go somewhere, plot-wise. 

Well, for everyone who is wishing I'd move on, I'll move on.  Loser is on tonight.  Still not feeling this new season.  Is the White team mama Maria a drama queen or what?  And over on TwoP they're speculating that the White team son (Michael) and Bob are having a hot affair, but that Bob wants the drama mama out of the way first.  That helps pass the time for me.  But if it doesn't get interesting soon, I'll be changing channels.

That's all for me!

the CilleyGirl

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 8 and the start of Week 2: Resting on my chubby laurels.

What the heck are laurels anyway?  Oh well, I'm sure mine are chubby.  Just like everything else.  As you can see:

One week before Week 1 start:  188.0 lbs.
Week 1 start:  188.4 lbs.
Week 2 start:  188.8 lbs.

Yeah, that's kind of going the wrong way. 

But hey CilleyGirl, you say.  Don't you remember eating pizza and wings twice last week?  Separately?  And then there was a Burger King dinner Friday and at least twice was McDonald's breakfasts and.... 

Well yes, I do.  Yet I also remember eating about four times that in the weeks before I started all this.  And I weighed less after it.  Plus I ran logged 15 miles last week, which should have burned off any extra calories and then some.  I should at least be status quo, right?


I decided to get a body bugg so that I can see exactly what calories *I* am burning each day.  Not some projected BMR based on size and age and weight and activity, but *my* BMR.  Then I can find out if I am truly eating too much or too little (I'll start keeping a food diary again), or if maybe I need to have my doctor run some additional tests. 

I am also still reading my way through several books on nutrition and metabolism, yadda yadda yadda.  Still reading Jillian Michaels' latest.  She's got some really good points, but at the same time to hop fully on board the Jillian train would be a huge lifestyle change.  Just too much to do all at once and hope to succeed at it.  I think what I will do is keep a list of what sounds good (i.e., logical -- like cutting out most processed foods) to me and then do what I can now.  I can then continue to make gradual changes. 

And maybe lose some weight!

Wishing everyone a happy week,
the CilleyGirl

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 1 recap: I didn't die.

It's the end of Week 1 of marathon training and I didn't die.  Thought about it.  But ultimately kept on breathing.  Here's how I did:

Mon - Day 1: 3 miles.  SUCCESS!  Logged 3.0 miles exactly.

Tue - Day 2: Weights.  SUCCESS!  Did a full upper body circuit.  My triceps were sore through Friday.

Wed - Day 3: Rest.  SUCCESS!  It was really hard not to run but I managed.

Thu - Day 4: 4 miles.  SUCCESS!  Logged 4.01 miles.  Ran all but 1/12th of a mile.  Still feeling that one.

Fri - Day 5: 3 miles and weights.  SUCCESS!   Logged 3.01 miles and fought for every one of them.  My left shin was killing me until the last half mile, then it was perfectly fine and I did the last half mile faster than the whole run.  Also did a complete lower body circuit.  Was feeling that in today's run.

Sat - Day 6: Rest.  SUCCESS!  Had to go into work.  Would have rather gone to the gym.  Seriously.

Sun - Day 7: 5 miles.  SUCCESS!  I was slow as hell but I logged 5.13 miles.   Then I had a fabulous brunch with the Gazelle and the Ambitious One and her husband Mr. Pi. 

Total miles for the week:  15.15. 

A good week but I'm feeling it randomly throughout my body.  I have to remember it's really my first week for all of this and that I need to be cautious.  Luckily most things have been transitory -- although, by the way, can you believe I STILL have a sore spot from that injection?? I think she literally hit a nerve  -- but today's has been the most worrisome:  an ache in the outside middle of my right foot, on what feels like the end of the metatarsal.  At least I think it's the metatarsal, how does it go?  Out from the ankle:  tarsals, metatarsals, phalanges. 

I think it's visual aid time:

So I've got a sore spot on the end of the pinky metatarsal, where it's got that goofy little prong pointing downwards.  Almost feels like my ankle needs to pop, as if the tendons are pulling oddly on that bone.  Ah well, taking Vitamin I and keeping it a bit elevated.  Maybe I'll ice it in a bit (my feet were cold so I didn't want to make them colder).   And just rest it; I don't run again until Wednesday.

Speaking of which, here is the agenda for Week 2:

Mon/Day 8 - Rest.

Tue/Day 9 - Weights.

Wed/Day 10 - 3 miles.

Thu/Day 11 - 4 miles.

Fri/Day 12 - 3 miles and weights.

Sat/Day 13 - Rest.

Sun/Day 14 - 6 miles.

Wish me luck!

the CilleyGirl

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 5: Ain't nothin gonna breaka my stride

Which is a good thing because I'm not feeling well and I let that keep me from the gym this morning. 

I've felt incredibly guilty all morning.  And like a failure.  A complete failure.  I suck.  I never finish what I start.  I'm a horrible runner.  I'm a moose.  A big fat moose.  A moose failure.  Who can't run and sucks and never finishes what the big fat moose starts.

Yeah, it's awfully cheerful behind my eyes today.

But then I read a post by another blogger.  And I would give credit if only I could remember who it was.  Which is sad because I read it just minutes ago.  Ah yes, I tracked it down:  Sean over at Daily Diary of a Winning Loser.  He was talking about how this is all one day at a time.  I read that and immediately my mind started shifting in the right direction:  It is one day at a time.  My plan was already to go run tonight after work or, if I'm still feeling fluffy between the ears (seems to be a sinus thing, hopefully not the first day of a two day build up to another full blown migraine) I'll run tomorrow.  Neither is optimal in my opinion; I prefer to work out in the morning and on an empty stomach.  Yet I need to get it done.  It's important to me to do it and I am important to me, therefore I need to do it.  I feel as though if I wait until tomorrow I might not actually do it (I'd rather sleep in and have tomorrow as a rest day), so I need to commit to tonight. 

Maybe I need a carrot to dangle in front of me so that I will do it.  Okay then.  Brain, if you go run after work you can get a big sloppy hamburger for dinner.  And some chicken fries.  Even a chocolate shake if you are so inclined. 

I know I shouldn't reward myself with food, but....  There is a good chance that I may feel so virtuous after my workout that I will go for some other, healthier option instead.  Like Subway or KFC's grilled chicken.  Actually the latter sounds pretty good right now.   Mmmm, chicken. 

I had that weird heartburn thing again this morning, part of the reason I talked myself out of running.  And again, not sure why.  I didn't even really eat dinner last night.  I subbed on a friend's bowling team and didn't have time (or feel inclined) for dinner beforehand.  I had some tater tots while bowling, with the idea that I would pick something up on the way home, like Taco Bell.  But I still didn't feel inclined later, plus I've started reading Jillian Michaels' new book about metabolism and her "No carbs after 9:00 p.m." kept ringing in my ears.  It was only ten after nine, but I could just see me eating and then feeling too full to sleep.  So, no dinner but tots.  Maybe it was the empty stomach that did it?  But I ate dinner the night before... Gah, I'm too fluffy for this today.

I hope everyone is having a more in-focus day than I am.  I am off to eat lunch; perhaps that will help. 

the CilleyGirl

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 4 and the Prescient iPod

Good morning and welcome to Day 4!  I actually had to look up how to spell "prescient", very sad for someone who got a perfect score in spelling on the Washington Pre-College Test.  Do you still have to take that in Washington to go to a Washington university?  Just wondering...

Anyhow, after flinging about boxes of files for an hour, I am taking a break to wipe the sweat from my brow and post today's missive.  Day 4 of marathon training meant a four mile run.  I am happy to report that I ran three and 11/12th miles of that.  I've mentioned before about how hot it gets up on the second level of the gym where the indoor track is; at two miles I had to stop for a drink of water and then I walked a lap (1/12th of a mile, teeny little circles!) to let that settle.  I had a horrible case of heartburn all through my run, woke up that way.  I have no idea why and it was a weird sensation as I ran.  But run I did.

Yes, indeedy.  My pace was pretty good for the first three miles -- every song on the iPod today was a good song that inspired me to keep going -- but that last three quarters of a mile was tough.  Today I tried to keep from checking how far I'd gone (but more about how far I had left) every five seconds.  I made myself hold off until Chip reported I'd gone one mile, two miles, one mile left, etc.  By the last mile I had slowed down to 13:00 miles per minute even.  That's slow even for me.   Immediately after I check my pace, my iPod switches to Jackson Browne's "Running on Empty" and I had to laugh.  So true.  I managed to kick it back up to a 12:00 minute mile flat, which is the midpoint of where I usually run these days, and I finished my four miles.  Then I died.  Or dragged my tired butt out to the car and drove straight to McDonald's (I was running late and starving).  You make the call.

Speaking of butts, I discovered today that I have serious JLo butt going on when I run.  It was rather fascinating.  I should make sure "Baby's Got Back" is in my playlist.  It might have to be my Power Song.

Tomorrow will be three miles and then lower body weights.  I'm hoping the hip machines will help with my sore ones.  I'm so glad I got a new mattress.  The difference it has made in my aches and pains -- as in, I now rarely wake up with any -- has been amazing.  Definitely worth the investment.

Enjoy your Thursday!

the CilleyGirl

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 3: A rainy hump day. Or maybe a humpy rain day?

It's a gray and rainy hump day here in CilleyLand.  A day where I'm glad to be inside and not out in the weather.  I'd rather be at home in fleece with my dogs and a good book by a nice warm fire.  Although that means I'd be at someone else's house since I don't have a fireplace, but you get the idea.  There should be some hot chocolate and a hot man in there somewhere too, but I don't have those at home either.  I may have some hot chocolate tucked away but pretty sure not the hot man.  I would hope he would have complained by now. 

Anyhow, welcome to Wednesday.  I got my hair cut this morning so it's a rest day training-wise.  And if you live in the CilleyLand area and need a stylist, let me know.  My stylist Brian is absolutely amazing, both personally and professionally.  (He also occasionally reads this blog.  Hi Brian!)  I know at least eight people, covering the gamut of hair types, who go to him and he does a fabulous job for each and every one of them.  Seriously, he's great.  And he gives good smootchies.  And neck rubs.  And he has a great ass.

Last night I ate a pizza.  If you're paying attention, or are some sort of grammar freak, you'll notice that's not "Last night I ate pizza."  No, I had A pizza last night.  It's not delivery, it's sitting there in the kitchen, or it was until I ate it.  All of it.

I'm actually kind of happy that I'm running four miles tomorrow morning.  My ass probably needs it.  Although in the past couple of years I've lost the most weight when I've been on the pizza and wings diet.  Truly.  This involved an order of honey BBQ wings and a thin crust pizza, usually a large but some times a medium.  I'd have this as often as three times a week -- one order of wings and a pizza each time -- and then get on the scale and be down a couple of pounds.  Except for the occasional hike or dog walk, I wasn't exercising at all during this time.  This is why I think I'm not eating enough when I'm running.  Plus I don't have it in my grocery budget these days to truly experiment with the pizza and wings theory.  Plus the Domino's down the street, on the way home from work, closed and the next nearest is fairly far away.  Round Table has better wings but lousy pizza.   Tonight will have to be salmon and salad.

I've got a little soreness following yesterday's weights.  I felt it most in my shoulders yesterday, then today just in my triceps.  Meaning I should continue to tweak the weights to get to a good fatigue point and so that I feel it the next day but can still, you know, function and stuff.  This Friday I'll do the lower body after my three mile run; in future weeks.  I learned on Monday that my leg muscles are much wimpier than I realized.  The last time I did the leg press I was using heavier weights and it was much easier.  I wonder if that is a consequence of what running works and what it doesn't in your legs and bum. 

I'm off to stare out my office window at the wet and gloom.  And maybe get some work done.  And look forward to the new episode of Midsomer Murders that should be in my mailbox tonight.  And to reading the latest J.D. Robb at lunch.

the CilleyGirl

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 2: Anyone need a left arm?

Because after this morning's weights, I apparently will never be able to use it EVER AGAIN.

Okay, not really, because I am typing with it right now.  If I wasn't, i  oul look lik hi .  hi h i kin o o    h n you hink ou i .

Or maybe my fingers have a hairball.  It's really hard to tell.

Anyhow, Day 2 of marathon training.  Did I write about Day 1?  I had the day off from work yesterday so I tried to avoid the computer as much as possible since the point of taking a long weekend away from work was to heal my brain into something more resembling a brain and less resembling pudding.  I did not necessarily succeed in that endeavor. 

For Day 1, the agenda was three miles.  I duly went into the gym and slogged out three miles.  It was tough.  I walked a lot.  Apparently I do not like the indoor track when it's all daylight outside and stuff.  Triggers my issues with heights.  And there were a lot of distractions which were more interesting and less disconcerting when I was walking.  Like the two gals working out together who it seemed had the goal of using every available surface and equipment in the gym.  Very disconcering to round a corner and find two chicks crabwalking backwards towards me on the track.  My first thought was always that they had fallen and could not get up, but then after that it was kind of ooky.  It was like a horror movie but with daylight and primary colors. 

It also reinforced my dislike of personal trainers, or rather my dislike of me working with one.  Some people do really well with a personal trainer and need that guidance and the variety.  For me, though, it's like some sort of special circle of hell.  I watched this other gal work out with a trainer as I ran my tiny little circles.  One time around they're doing lunges.  Next time around she's skipping rope.  Around again and she's balancing a ball on her nose then slapping her flippers together while barking for fish.  Then back to skipping rope.  I could be making one of those up.  But I would not have been surprised to see the ball thing. 

My friend S and her husband work out with a trainer a couple of times a week, one of those gyms where you only train with a trainer.  She's always telling me about the latest session of torture.  "Today we had to hold a small medicine ball with one arm up in the air while we jumped onto a bosu ball but then turn right around and jump back down -- on one leg!"  You could not pay me to do this stuff, much less get me to pay for it.  When I did my gratis personal trainer session at my new gym, I was not happy.  See, I want to run and I want to lift weights -- some machines, some free weights -- and do some abs.  I told my trainer this and she said "oh, I never use the weights machines."  It went down hill from there.  Personal training kind of reminds me of trying to please the playground bully.  One day you may be enjoying a game of tetherball.  The next day you may be playing keep away -- with your book report.  Later that week, you may be the tetherball pole.  This is not my idea of a good time. 

So, back to the gym in my solitary state.  After logging my miles I grabbed my trusty notebook to map out a weights program for myself.  While I can pretty much remember from day to day which machines I will be using for that particular workout (one upper body circuit, one lower body/back circuit) what I can not always remember is what weight I was lifting and -- more importantly from my point of view -- how to properly set up the machine so I do not get injured.  On this machine, the seat goes here and the pivot goes here.  Etc.  I don't want to waste my time setting and resetting the machine each time until I get it right.  I'm a schedule here, people!   I determined which machines I wanted to use and determined how to use them (some new ones in the world since I last lifted weights).  I did one rep of upper and lower body to test out the weights and the machines, then did a second set of the lower body because I had nothing else to do yesterday.

Day 2.  Was feeling the outer hip weight lifting I did yesterday (adductor muscles?  I always get them confused), but not really any of the usual aches and pains from that area.  Which is why I want to do those exercises in the first place, so yay me.  Thought I wasn't feeling any of yesterday's upper body work until I started into it again this morning.  Ouch.  My triceps are wussy.   Taking my time and going through two sets I ended up bumping up some of the weights I was using, to get closer to that fatigue point.  Learned not just my triceps are wussy; my left shoulder still has some issues, thanks to a lovely little curve in my spine right about *there*.  Means I really have to concentrate when lifting in order to keep things as even as possible, make certain both sides are doing the work.

Tomorrow is a rest day.  Yay!  I am looking forward to that.

the CilleyGirl

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting ready for Week 1 of marathon training

Tomorrow begins Week 1 of marathon training.  The training program I am using is from The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer by Whitsett, et al.  It starts out with mileage rather than distance, which was how I started off last time for the first six to eight weeks (then my Achilles went boom and then the holiday season, etc.).  Last time I had pretty much a zero base; now, while I don't have much more than that I can do three miles relatively easily so I went with this plan this time around.  Here is my plan for Week 1:

Mon - Day 1:  3 miles.

Tue - Day 2:  Weights.  Looking forward to this, weights was always my favorite part of working out.

Wed - Day 3:  Rest. 

Thu - Day 4:  4 miles.

Fri - Day 5:  3 miles and weights.

Sat - Day 6:  Rest.

Sun - Day 7:  5 miles.

Normally Mondays would also be my rest day -- nice strong way to start the week, yeah? -- but this Wednesday I get my hair cut before work so I've swapped the days.  Since I have tomorrow off from work, the switch will work well this week.

If I did my math right, this program totals just over 415 miles.  My mileage goal for 2010 is 526.2, reinforcing the idea that my mileage goal is totally doable.  Yay!

I'm off to get my Brit fix.  Here's hoping everyone has a great week!

the CilleyGirl

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekly goal wrap up

Let's see how I did this week with my goals...

Sunday: Recover from migraine.

Pass!  I recovered from my migraine like a champ. 

Monday: Set alarm for 5:30 a.m. to go the gym to run 3 miles or an hour, whichever comes first. Wake up at 5:30, promptly reset alarm for two hours later. Two hours later, call boss to let him know I'm still feeling sick. Be persuaded to come into work for "just a little bit, then if you still feel sick go home." Work straight through lunch until 6:00 p.m.

Pass!  I didn't make it to the gym, although I was up that early to consider it.  Then I went into work for "just a little bit," which turned into all freakin' day. 

Tuesday: Set alarm for 5:30 a.m. to go the gym to lift weights. Wake up at 5:30, think about going to the gym for about a half or hour or so, after which realize that I still haven't set up a weights program and that I'm not in a clear frame of mind to do so this morning. Plus my ass still hurts from the needle jab. Go back to sleep.

Pass!  It is amazing how I am rocking these goals to the letter this week!

Wednesday: Run 3 miles or an hour, whichever comes first.

Pass!  I ran 3 miles. 
Thursday: Run 3 miles or an hour, whichever comes first.

Also pass!  Two days in the row at the gym to run 3 miles.

Friday: Take the day off from work. Rest. Get new mattress and box spring set up. Perhaps go back to bed for a nap in new bed. Go to brew crew.

Pass!  I am awesome!!  The mattress guys came and went without incident.  I didn't go back to bed because they came late in the afternoon and so after they set everything up it was time to go get ready for brew crew.  Then I went to brew crew and met up with the Gazelle and the Architect and some new people and drank beer.  I'm looking forward to the next brew crew!
Saturday: Resolution Run 5K. Don't die.

Pass!  And for an extra added bonus, I RAN the entire 5K.  No walking!  I made this a goal about 1km into the race.  You know, a lot of people say that they love to run because it clears their mind and they don't have to think.  Not me; all I do is think when I'm running.  As I was running this morning, I realized that it is very, very easy to disappoint yourself.  I don't mean by setting really high goals or standards for yourself and then beating yourself up when you inevitably fail.  I mean that when you are doing something that only you really care about it is so easy to not do it.  For example, I wanted to run this whole race but if I walked I would only be letting myself down, and since it was just me who cares?  I realized that I should care.  That I was worth not disappointing. 
And so I ran. 
It was a good temp to run and it didn't rain.  I had been expecting rain so I wore my ball cap and not my head band; my ears were frozen.  In fact, for most of the first part of the course I was obsessing on how I was going to go right out and get a new headband.  Then I passed the Lululemon course volunteers who were -- can you guess?  -- handing out free headbands!  I promptly put it on over my ball cap -- not caring if I looked like a dork (the pictures will tell -- and  my ears were nice and toasty warm.  So much so that when I took it off later I didn't realize how warm it had kept my ears; they promptly froze again.  They raffled off a ton of prizes but I didn't win any :(  Oh well, I did get a free headband!
I'll be posting my first week's marathon training schedule later on.  For now I need to shower and go meet S for some shopping!
the CilleyGirl

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ferret quo

I've got my latest picture up on the sidebar.  I think I look the same as last month, maybe a little teeny bit smaller?  By all accounts, I shouldn't.  Want to know why?  I'll show you:

This?  This is what I had for dinner on New Year's Eve.  That is a chicken cordon bleu sandwich, a beef and cheddar sandwich, a medium curly fry, a small order of mozzarella sticks, and a medium chocolate shake.  Know how many calories that is?  Yeah, I don't want to know either.

Of course, it's also what I had for lunch that day.  Not that I ate that much twice in one day or anything; I just never got the time to have any lunch that day.  I had two halves of a pastry for breakfast, about a zillion diet sodas (gotta watch my figure, you know), and then one single bite of a chocolate croissant.  So, fortunately for me, although the quality of calories that day was deeply in the toilet (in more ways than one, I'm sure), I probably was under my calorie goal for the day. 

It took about a week for all that toxic fat and stuff to get out of my system.  I have zero desire to eat like that right now.

Well, except for sausage mcmuffins with egg.  Special situation for the sausage mcmuffins with egg.  Actually, there always seem to be special rules for breakfast in general.  Like the morning calories are cancelled out by the rest of the day.  At least that's my story.  I'm sticking to it. 

But then I look at the side view:

I'm kind of twisted to the side so it's not completely accurate, but can you see all that Arby's sitting in my gut there?  And can you see how that ferret has migrated to my back?  Yep, no more fast food binges for me.  I hope. 

Oh, and that's CBS dog's butt in the picture.  Her weight is pretty good, even with the french fries she gets.

I made it to the gym again this morning and did my three miles.  In case you're wondering why it keeps being 3.01 miles, apparently it takes me 0.01 mile to stop my Nike+.  The first mile went great, then I stopped to walk a couple of laps because, like a doofus, I had left my water bottle in the car and needed to catch my breath and imagine lemons.  Once I started to run again, my left hamstring got all grumpy.  I ran through it and it didn't cramp up like it was threatening, although the grumpy spot subsequently moved from my left hamstring to my left quad then down to my left knee.  I'm guessing it was really that lump I found in my ass from that injection working its way out. 

It's been fun to check out the people below me working out in the gym to try to figure out who is a regular gym rat and who is following new year resolutions.  There's not a lot else to do as you run around in teeny little 1/12th mile circles.  The indoor track runners have been the same.  It takes a special kind of person to run around in teeny little 1/12th mile circles.  Nobody else has been crazy enough to join us yet.  There have been maybe eight to ten more people there at 6:30 a.m. than there was when I first joined in November.  Definitely not crowded at all, although as the renovations progress that may change.  But then again, maybe not; takes a special kind of person to get up at o'dark thirty to work out too.

There is a very large gal who was working out yesterday and today.  I'd like to go talk to her and say how great it is that she's there, but I can't figure out how to do that and what to say without it sounding like I'm really saying "way to go, porky!"  I find her presence very motivating personally and I'd like to try to give her some motivation, plus she's nearly the only other woman in the gym at that hour of the morning who isn't built like a stick.  We women with breastage must stick together.

I did have a very nice naked woman from a few lockers down strike up a conversation with me this morning.  She was admiring my gym lock (it's a pink breast cancer lock, so that I can find my locker once I'm done running).  I hope she talks to me again; it's hard for me to be coherent that early in the day and after running.  We chatted about marathons, and I noticed that a head kept popping up from the other side of the row of lockers.  Turns out that other gal was wearing a 2009 Portland marathon finishers shirt.  She was also made out of sticks.  I'm sure she was judging me.

(Well, maybe not, but she was made of out sticks.)

I used my "1%" motivation this morning after the hamstring got grumpy.  Although I must confess, in my head I keep hearing that "one more" commercial for Gardasil whenever I get into my 1% mantra.  Wouldn't it be cool if you could get a vaccine that would not only keep your coochie safe from cancer but enable you to complete a marathon?  "I'm going to be one more.  One more cancer free coochie crossing that ol' finish line."

I wonder if Gardasil needs any marketing help?

the CilleyGirl

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Almost forgot -- a postscript for my fellow Whedonites

If you get the Logo channel, they are running Buffy eps every night at 6:00 p.m.  Last night was Once More With Feeling!  Spike.  *sigh*

the CilleySlayingGirl

Look! Over there! Look what I did today!

I am referring to my DailyMile widget over there on the sidebar where it should say that I went to the gym this morning and ran three miles!  Yay for me! 

I thought that after running only twice in the prior six weeks I would have lost a lot more fitness, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Not that the run wasn't a struggle; it was so cold and windy out as I left the house that I wore a long-sleeved tech tee, and then it was so damn hot in the upper level of the gym where the track is that I was huffing and puffing a lot.  I'm sure my face matched my red tech tee too; my skin temp felt like it was about 200 degrees.  But I still did 3.02 miles in just under 40 minutes, walking maybe six 1/12th of a mile laps in order to take water (and breathing) breaks. 

Tomorrow I wear a short-sleeved (and v-neck) shirt and do another three miles or one hour, whichever comes first.  Felt good to be back running again.

In other news, I half-listened to the season premiere of The Biggest Loser last night.  In the early episodes, there are always too many people -- you just don't want to get too attached too early, right?  Plus last night, way too much yelling.  I thought Bob might bust a blood vessel.  And I think he needs to shave.  I don't like bearded Bob.  It's like the facial hair has made him mean.

So, since I wasn't paying complete attention, here are a few random observances:

- The half-ton twins (Brown team) need to shave too.  Beards are not a good look when you don't have a chin.  And they had serious PMS/constipation faces all throughout the weigh-in at the show's end. 

- Doesn't Daris (Orange team) look a lot like Matt Hoover's little brother?  Right down to the big scary white guy 'fro?

- Apparently if you are fat nobody can love you.  However, at least half of the contestants are currently married.  Interesting.  I think more to the point is that if you don't love yourself, nobody else can love you either.  But I guess they either skipped over that or it just doesn't make for good TV.

- As the contestants get bigger and bigger over the seasons, I find my enjoyment in the show decreasing.  Originally there were more people to whom I could relate:  about 30 lbs heavier than me, trying to get fit.  It was motivating.  Now this season there is maybe one person (Melissa on the Red team) that comes even close to my weight and I'm watching and thinking that I'm apparently doing pretty well with this weight thing so why not have a Twinkie?  Or twelve.  Because at least my arms can get close to my actual ribcage.  And my knees don't turn in because of the size of my thighs. 

- Who named these people?  Cherita, Daris, Miggy and Migdalia (and what do you think were their nicknames in school, hmm??), O'Neal and daughter Sunshine (with brother or sister -- I didn't catch which -- Jazz).  The Tongan, Koli, I'll grant is okay; he's Tongan.  I long for an Esther.

- Michael, the guy from Chicago?  Goomba.  I have ex-boyfriend flashbacks (mine was a New Jersey goomba) every time I see him on screen.  I think it's the jewelry.  Whoever told the first Italian guy that that was a good look should be fitted for cement overshoes.

- I do like the Tongans.  They have such enthusiasm. 

- Taco Bell fresco?  Really?  And didn't I hear that Jared gained back a bunch of weight?  Poor guy.

- No more puking.  Please.  Not even after Taco Bell fresco or Subway.

- Seriously, no more puking.

In other other news, my ass still hurts.  Last night I was rubbing my butt -- as you do -- and realized that I now have a lump right under the injection site.  So now I'm wondering if as I rub my butt that I am releasing a big glob of Vicodin into my bloodstream.  And I'm rubbing my butt.  Oh, and I have to remember to ask for non-latex band-aids; it takes forever for the irration from the band-aid to disappear off my skin. 

And on that note, I'll leave you to it.  Coming soon:  recap of December goals (a big FAIL!) and an updated sidebar pic (can you find the ferret?).

the CilleyGirl

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why run a marathon?

This is a question I get asked a lot ever since I started telling people I was going to be running a marathon this year. 

More importantly, this is the question that I ask myself at o'dark thirty (right now, 5:30 a.m.) when I'm supposed to be getting up and getting ready to go to the gym.  I'm pretty sure I've written about my answer to this question previously (probably early on in this blog), but I'm going through it again because I need to be able to not only remember the answer at o'dark thirty but to believe in it.  At least enough to get my ass up and out of bed and running.

My answer?  I think it all boils down to this:  Because I can.

A marathon has always been one of those things that whenever I heard about it, I always thought "I can do that."  Even when I hated running for years and years (and even now it can be touch and go), 26.2 miles sounded doable.  Not running the whole thing, certainly not running it at a pace anything resembling fast (relatively speaking, "fast" for me is anything under a ten minute mile; for argument's sake, let's say "fast" is under an eight minute mile).  But I believe I can complete 26.2 consecutive miles.  Even though I have no basis in life to, well, base this on.

Another reason is that it is estimated that only around 1% of people have done a marathon.  One percent.  That's a really freakin small number.  I know I'll never be in the Olympics.  I probably would never be in the Special Olympics.  I'll never climb Mt. Rushmore or Mt. Everest.  Hell, I'll never climb much above ten feet.  I will never skydive or bungee jump.  I may never take a cruise, go to Europe, Asia or Africa or even South America.  Or even Hawaii.  I may never get married, have a baby, or buy a house.  But a marathon?  My little cilley brain always says, without hesitation:  Yes, I can do that. 

I think it's the 1% thing that really gets me, given that there are so many other things people will do in the course of their lives, truly spectacular things when you think about.  Get into a tin can and hurdle yourself thousands of miles per hour through the air even though physics says you shouldn't be able to do it?  Check!  Jump out of a plane and not end up a pancake?  Check!  Shove another human being's skull through a teeny little opening between your legs?  Check!  I mean, really, what do you need for a marathon?  Got legs?  Check!  And you don't even actually need legs!  A marathon is so mundane to my way of thinking, why isn't everyone doing it?  Climbing a mountain, that, I don't get.  Going from point A to point B in 26.2 miles?  There's a finish line at point B, man -- how could you not wanna?

I'm thinking that may be my marathon tattoo:  1%. 

Not that all this is to say that I think a marathon will be easy.  Just doable. 

But again, how to translate this into morning motivation?  Help me out here:  why do you want to (or why did you) run a marathon?  What gets you up and out and running?

the CilleyGirl 

An auspicious start to the New Year

So far, 2010 has been a bit surreal for the CilleyGirl.  I started off New Year's Day not feeling 100%, but I went out to dinner at my friend S's for good luck New Year's foods and that was a lot of fun; we ended up in a Wii tournament where I again proved that I SUCK at driving any sort of a vehicle in a video game.  I am so bad, I ended up doing better driving in reverse where I couldn't see the course.  Anyhow, S and I made plans to go shopping the next day, whereupon I promptly woke up with a full-blown migraine, my second in a month.  Our shopping trip turned in to "um, hi, can you drive me to urgent care?"  Where I got a big shot of drugs in the booty (and the injection site still hurts).  I still feel a bit, I don't know -- hungover? from the migraine, plus I am seriously thirsty.  All the time.  So, I'm thinking brain tumor combined with rapid onset diabetes.  You know, the usual.  Seriously though, stuff where I've decided I will try for a positive mind set first before going through the doctor rigamarole, on the off chance I really do have something wrong with me and it will prevent me from marathon training.

Little Suzy Cilley Sunshine, that's me!

In that regard, here are my goals for this week.  They may or may not give you an idea of how this week has gone for me.

Sunday:  Recover from migraine.

Monday:  Set alarm for 5:30 a.m. to go the gym to run 3 miles or an hour, whichever comes first.  Wake up at 5:30, promptly reset alarm for two hours later.  Two hours later, call boss to let him know I'm still feeling sick.  Be persuaded to come into work for "just a little bit, then if you still feel sick go home."  Work straight through lunch until 6:00 p.m.

Tuesday:  Set alarm for 5:30 a.m. to go the gym to lift weights.  Wake up at 5:30, think about going to the gym for about a half or hour or so, after which realize that I still haven't set up a weights program and that I'm not in a clear frame of mind to do so this morning.  Plus my ass still hurts from the needle jab.  Go back to sleep.

Wednesday:  Run 3 miles or an hour, whichever comes first.

Thursday:  Run 3 miles or an hour, whichever comes first.

Friday:  Take the day off from work.  Rest.  Get new mattress and box spring set up.  Perhaps go back to bed for a nap in new bed.  Go to brew crew.

Saturday:  Resolution Run 5K.  Don't die.

I'll let you know how the rest of the week goes!

the CilleyGirl

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Goals!

The crazy isn't over yet at work, so I'm trying to regain some sanity by taking a few minutes to do this.  Here are my 2010 goals, subject to possible refinement (i.e, I may have forgotten a couple that I wrote down elsewhere).

1.  Do the marathon training.
That's pretty self-explanatory, I think.  Official training starts January 10th.
2.  Do the marathon.  Don't die.
Again, self-explanatory.
3.  Use the crap I've bought before buying new crap.
I realized yesterday that in the past year I've gotten a digitial SLR (seriously fancy camera), a smaller digital camera, a Droid Eris phone, a laptop, a printer, and an iPod.  I still don't know anything beyond the very basics with the dSLR.  I need to learn how to fully use these things before I buy any more gadgets.  This kind of also goes with books; read the books I have (particularly those on fitness and nutrition) before I buy more books on fitness and nutrition.
4.  Try five new vegetables.
I've already done one of these this year -- kale.  I had kale chips and they were pretty good.   On my list to try:  brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and jicama.  I think squash may be the last one.  I bought a book on vegetables to help inspire me. 
5.  Eat healthy and responsibly.
Goes with a lot of everything else I've been doing, or resolving to do.  Eating more veggies and fruit (can't forget fruit!), less processed foods, less sodium, less fat.  More fish would be good, I love fish.  Keep up with the food diary.  Avoid fast food because I just can't be trusted.
6.  Make some new girlfriends.  (Or guyfriends, I'm not picky, I'm just a hermit.)
I work with two to three other people at my current job, and before that I was in an office of 15 people.  I've never been all that good at making friends and now that I've gotten out of the habit of interacting with other people I'm really bad at it.  I want to work on making new friends, getting out there in the world. 
7.  Go for a run with strangers.
I'm working on this one (first rule of Run Club:  Don't apologize!).  Hopefully it will morph into meeting goal 6.
8.  Go camping.
I love camping and I haven't made the time to do in at least two years.   I have all the gear.  I even have most of the gear to go backpacking, although I can only take one of my two dogs for that. 
9.  Race all the distances:  5K, 8K, 10K, 15K, half marathon, and marathon.
I'm already signed up to do a 5K, 8K, 15K, and a marathon this year.  Soon I'll sign up for a half (Race for the Roses) and I'll add a 10K in there once I see one scheduled.
10.  Get a new tattoo.
I meant to do this last year once I'd met my goal of (a) running a whole 5K and (b) doing a 5K in under 40 minutes.  But I have yet to put together the design I want (I need an artsy friend) plus I think I'll want to get one for the marathon.  Maybe I'll get two!
11.  Keep track of the books I read in 2010.
I started this last year and petered out around April.  I've always been curious to see how many pages I log in a year.  This year, I'm committed to keeping the list.
the CilleyGirl