Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 27: It's a big pants day!

But not in the usual manner.  No, today is not the day where I needed to wear my big pants, it is a day where my usual pants (already in one size smaller, thanks to the torture of running) are much too big.  I love that, don't you?  Especially since I felt progressively more awful all day yesterday and consumed about 1,900 calories for dinner.  It was very tasty; Round Table Hawaiian pizza and honey BBQ wings, the latter of which they gave me nearly twice what I ordered.  The fact that I felt lousy didn't necessarily have to do with pizza and wings for dinner, it was more that I would have needed to cook at home and my head hurt too much.  If I had had an entire healthy meal (I had maybe 1/3) in my fridge, ready to go, I would have had that.  But I didn't.  So neener.

My day yesterday started with my freezing my hipsies off in my morning run, and went downhill from there.  My legs were stiff and achy and they just got more so as the day went on.  My legs and particularly my feet were also swollen for some reason.  Too much salt?  I have no idea.  But the pants I have on today felt like sausage casings yesterday, as did my shoes (I wore flip flops today even though it's a little chilly for it).  A headache came on suddenly in the afternoon, flirting with migraine status fairly rapidly.  My eyes were all gummy and tired from allergies.  My glasses are too heavy, and when my sinuses ache the glasses are very annoying.  Plus one of the earpieces is all funky and it makes a very tender spot behind my ear after a few hours.  My low back went wonky and every time I went to pick something up it threatened to go out on me.   I couldn't get warm, and my coworker had the heat up so high in her office the air conditioner kicked on.  To top it all off, I have a freakin' spider bite on my left shoulder.  It's right where the shoulder meets the arm so it is either stretched or compressed all day.  And it is also right where the seam of a shirt rests (though thankfully not a bra strap; that would really suck).  Oh, and I'm allergic to insect bites; if I itch them at all, they swell up horribly.  Bastards.

Those wings, they were damn good.  I ate them all as my CBS dog drooled.  I didn't even give either of them any pizza bones.

As soon as I finished with dinner (and wiped up the dog drool) I put my legs up, which helped tremendously.  I took off my glasses and watched blurry TV.  I took the heavy-duty headache medicine and got a good night's sleep.  I woke up feeling so much better (still with the damn spider bite though), mainly just some muscle stiffness in my legs.  The day is already half way over, I'm having leftover pizza for lunch, and I am supposed to sush (we've decided "to sush" is a verb) with some friends tonight.  I'm even having a good hair day.

Tomorrow is another 60 minute run.  So far, the weather is supposed to be cloudy but dry and somewhat warm.  I may even be looking forward to it!

the CilleyGirl

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