Thursday, June 12, 2014

The magic of a $99.99 special

Hi everyone!

Guess what I've been doing these days?

If you answered with vomiting and getting admitted yet again to the hospital, you would be correct!

New gastro issue this time, my small intestine decided the stomach was getting way too much attention so it got inflamed to the point that (a) they thought I had appendicitis and (b) it triggered a gastroparesis attack.  So off to the ER I went.  Tip for you:  Never go to the ER on a Monday morning if you can help it.  Everybody suffers through the weekend with their crap and then Monday morning decide they just can't face the office and perhaps they should go to the ER.  I waited over three hours -- start at 6:30 a.m. -- to get a bed.  By about one they had ruled out appendicitis and ruled in enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine) and decided to admit me.  Luckily only a 24 hour stay this time; I swear you can hear a taxi meter chiming off the dollars every second you're in the hospital.

The title of this post refers to me believing that maybe I can actually lose weight.  Around Christmastime I got myself a Fitbit Flex.  Right after that I got really sick with all of this GI stuff so it wasn't until about a month ago that I set up some of the dashboard stuff like a weight goal.  Back in my high school days I weighed 154 lbs for forever.  No matter what I did or didn't do, I was at 154 and I was (mostly) happy there.  Freshman year in college I was walking everywhere and got down to 145 which was great but 154 seems like a better goal.  For one thing, 50+ pounds is easier to lose than 60+ pounds.

And hence the title.  When I put in my weight goal, the Fitbit dashboard tells you how many pounds you have to lose to get there.  And apparently the Fitbit can do math better than I can, or maybe it just did the actual math.  At any rate, suddenly I didn't have to lose 50+ pounds.  I only had to lose 48.   Which is better than 50.  Fifty sounds like such an impossible goal.  "I'd have to never eat and work out five times a week to lose 50 pounds!"  But less than fifty?  Totally doable.  Forty-eight pounds is nearly 45 pounds.  Then you're almost to 40 and once you hit 40 that's practically 30.  Once you've got less than 30 pounds to lose that's almost 20 and then you're nearly at your goal weight.  Right?

With the fun flare up last week, the gastroparesis seems to be stuck.  Not in the ER but not eating very well.  I get hungry, which is a good sign, but then I get full really quickly.  Consequently today I only have 41.8 lbs to lose.  That's almost only 30 pounds left to go!

And this is why everybody wants to shop in Oregon where there's no sales tax.   Your purchase will be $104.23?  Too much.  Only $99.99?  Sign me up!

I'm off to try to eat some Spaghetti-Os.  Nice, squishy, there's-kind-of-a-vegetable-in-there Spaghetti-Os.

the CilleyGirl