Sunday, November 1, 2009

An auspicious start to the new plan

The plan was to get up and go for a run this morning in the pretty pretty weather in my new pretty pretty water resistant running pants.  Then I slept past noon and now it's 1:00 p.m. and some sort of breakfast sounds like a good idea.  And I'm watching the TV edited for content version of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.  I'm guessing the two hour movie should be cut down to roughly 25 minutes.

So, as mentioned, I was out shopping with my friend S last night since she can't drive for another couple of days.  We ended up at the mall with all the cute little trick or treaters.  Who knew kids in costumes can't look forward when they walk; we spent a lot of time dodging teeny little princesses and X-Men.  While at the mall we hit Dick's Sporting Goods and I found some Nike Dri Fit (Fit Dri?) pants that the salesman assured me are supposed to be water resistant.  Now I'm ready the next time it rains, which the Weather Channel tells me won't be this week. 

I'll be back on track, so to speak, on Wednesday.  It would be tomorrow but I just remembered I've got a haircut appointment early in the morning.  I might be able to fit in a short run before that; I wouldn't have to dry my hair or anything after I shower.

I'm off to forage for some food and then it's off to the grocery store.  I found some good recipes for this week so meeting my calories should be no problem.  I'll leave you with a story about my Cute But Stupid dog, since I tend to give more examples about why she's not so bright but not why she's so cute.  This morning I fed the dogs and then promptly tripped over CBS's bowl, spilling half the kibble all over the kitchen floor.  Besides being a bit of an ouch on my foot (the back of the bowl caught my Achilles) I wasn't looking forward to picking up all of the kibble.  But then CBS comes over and starts eating the spilled kibble.  Now this is cute because normally it's a chore to get her to eat naked kibble as it is; she'll eat some if it has something tasty on it, like yogurt or kitty food juice, but often not all of her kibble.  Apparently, though, kibble is most tasty when it's all over the floor; she hoovered it all up for me.  Wouldn't eat the rest of the kibble in her bowl, but on the floor was good.  I'm thinking I should spill the rest on the floor to see if she'll eat it.

Alright, time for some brekkie.  Have a bee-yoo-tee-ful day!

the CilleyGirl

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