Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I survived Wednesday!

I made it through work, a busy busy busy day but we were able to have a quick cocktail break before we headed out for the weekend.  Now it's four days off!  I met with the trainer tonight, good meeting but I don't think it will be something I can afford outside the two visits included in my membership when I signed up.  A session on its own is more than the monthly dues.  I think I'll be continuing to train as I have been, maybe be able to do a session or two down the line if my program needs tweaking. 

I'm exhausted but the pumpkin cheesecake has another 30 minutes in the oven before I can even begin to head off to bed. I made some adjustments to the recipe to trim some of the calories; a 1/12th slice now equals 380 calories. No idea what it was to start with (I should calculate that), but I changed the three packages of cream cheese to be one regular cream cheese, one neufchatel, and one cup of lowfat ricotta cheese. One package of regular cream cheese is 800 calories versus 200 calories per one cup of lowfat ricotta. That means that the original recipe calls for 2100 calories of cream cheese versus the 1560 calories I actually used. Isn't that amazing? If that swap works taste-wise as well as I think it will, next time I'll do two cups ricotta and one package neufchateal, which would cut another 360 calories. I also swapped two of the eggs (there's four total) for 2/3rds of a cup of egg substitute. That cut an additional 60 calories.  I could have also swapped the butter used for the crust (over 1/2 cup) for margarine or even something like Smart Balance to go even lighter.   Maybe next time.

I'm off to get packed up for tomorrow's race.  The last four-miler I did was Lacamas Lake.  Thanks to a zillion degrees heat and that HUGE hill at the end I finished in 1:01.  I'm aiming for under an hour tomorrow.  It is supposed to be 49 with a slight chance of rain, so ideal running conditions.  I went for the tech tee option and I love the shirt, it's a pretty shade of forest green.  It may clash pretty spectacularly with my fuchsia sneaks (sorry Tall Mom!) but that's how it goes. 

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  For everyone who is running tomorrow, happy trotting!

the CilleyGirl

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  1. I am jealous! Last year's shirt was not that exciting :)

    I hope your run was awesome this morning. Happy Turkey Day!