Monday, November 16, 2009

Nothing but net on tonight's dinner

The chicken cheese lasagna I made tonight turned out fabulous.  I've linked the recipe; it's from A Taste of Home and everything I've made from them has turned out really tasty.  What I didn't know until just now is that their website lists calorie information; I've been working from a magazine "best of" type thing they put out on chicken which didn't have it.  In my lasagna, I made the following changes:  whole wheat lasagna noodles, additional 1/2 cup of mozzarella, 1% milk instead of 2% or whole, part-skim ricotta, an extra 2/3rds of a cup chicken (and, although not specified in the recipe, I used one large chicken breast and four thighs as my chicken) and probably 1/6th of the spinach (I used fresh instead of frozen, except it had started to go slimey so I only used a little).  Oh, and no onion (blechies!).  By my reckoning, a serving using my ingredients (1/8th of the recipe) is 490 calories.  By comparison, the recipe as written -- for which one serving is 1/12th of the recipe -- is 410 calories.

Mine turned out a little watery, or maybe extra juicy is a better way to put it.  After it sat a while, a lot of the liquid seemed to be absorbed so either it needed to sit longer or it really was extra juicy.  Not sure why that was, unless using 1% milk and the part-skim ricotta meant less fat for binding. 

Well, I'm off to have the dessert for which I budgeted the calories yet keep forgetting I need to go eat.  It's the half a chocolate croissant and one sugar cookie that I was eyeing all day at work.  Chocolate croissants and those particular sugar cookies (frosted) are one of my weaknesses.

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