Saturday, November 7, 2009

What? What?? Are you sure? ARE YOU SURE??!!!???!!!!

Just looked up the official race times for my 5K today.  0:37:51.  I broke 40 minutes!!!!  By a lot!!!!

I even started at the back of the pack, probably three seconds behind the finish line. 

I'm stunned.  Simply stunned.  Don't really believe the results are right but I'm going to take it!!  Yay me!!!

Oh, and I was right about being third to last.  I placed 141 out of 143 overall.  Even with as slow as I am, I've never been last.  I probably will be some day, but today is not that day. 

Hmm, maybe I ran faster since I didn't know what pace I was running at.  There was this short steep hill (that I had to run up three times) and everything.  There was even a really strong headwind.  Read about the race course here

And one more thing:  today was my 20th race.  Took 20 tries to break 40 minutes but I did it!  

Cheering enthusiastically,
the CilleyGirl

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  1. yay! congratulations - that is something to be proud of, for sure!