Saturday, November 7, 2009

Success! And the EA Sports 5K Challenge.

Where I didn't finish last.

I finished third to last.

Before before I get into my turn as an icicle this morning, let me tell you about last night.  Remember how I was counting the minutes until I could get off work and to the pharmacy to pick up my meds for this wicked sinus infection, plus dinner since I hadn't gotten a lunch?   I had planned out where to eat and what to get then realized how many evil fast food restaurants there were between here and the pharmacy.  I was scared I'd give in to the urge to chow down as a way to make myself feel better, both mentally and physically.

Well.  On the way to the pharmacy is the Subway by my house.  I decided to stop in there and get my dinner before going to the pharmacy, rather than after.  It turned out to be a stunningly brilliant move on my part.  And here's why.

I made a special trip to the pharmacy after my doctor appointment to drop off my prescriptions so that after work I wouldn't have to wait 30 to 45 minutes at the store while they were being filled.  I crate CBS dog during the day and I try to get home on time to set her free.  Not that she ever pees in her own bed.  Oh no, she only pees in MY bed.  But that's another post.  Anyhow, I drop the scripts off at 2:00 PM, they tell me they'll be ready in an hour to an hour and a half (new computer system), and I make my merry way back to work.  By 6:00 PM, I'm back at the pharmacy to pick them up.  So is everyone else in creation.  I finally get to the head of the line.... sweet relief is in my grasp....

Only to be told that they are not ready yet.  Okey doke.  She tells me it will be 45 minutes before they are ready.  I'm ready to scream, shout, hit things, but I tell her that I will have to come back tomorrow.  I get home, eat something, relax for a few, and I'm feeling better.  Still have a sinus infection, but I'm low on homicidal impulses.  It's almost 8:00 PM, so I decide to run back to the pharmacy to pick up my meds because I'd really rather not run in the morning with the way my head feels.  I get down to the pharmacy and.... wait for it.... can you guess?

They were NOT ready.  Still.  I said as calmly as I could, this is my third trip here today.  How much longer will it be?  She punches buttons on the computer for at least five minutes then tells me, 25 minutes.  I check the clock and amble off to check out the books.  Picked up a book I'm very excited to read:  The Lovely Bones.  Or is it The Lonely Bones.  Pretty sure it's the first.  Anyhow, teenage girl is murdered in 1973 and the story is about her death and the aftermath as she watches from her heaven.  From the first paragraph, it is compelling.  For the life of me, I couldn't find a third book to complete my "buy two, get one free" so not only were the meds a little pricey (I never seem to get the $4 thing anymore) but then I spent unplanned money on books. 

I started the antibiotics last night and already felt better when I woke up.  Headed out to Hillsboro for the 5K put on by NW Running League.  The rain had stopped by the time I got out there so I didn't get to find out if my new water resistant pants are just that, but the wind was going freezingly strong the entire time so I did find out that they are in fact wind resistant.  Very much so.  At times, it was almost like I had a piece of cardboard held up against my legs, blocking the wind.  I really need to get a wicking beanie; I wore a baseball cap thinking it would rain and so left my ear warmer band at home.  I would have preferred the band, particularly since the wind was so strong it blew my hat off at one point.  It was tough to run into the wind, it was that strong.

My footpod stopped transmitting to my iPod so while the timer worked I apparently ran 0.0 km at a 0:00:00 pace.  Nice to know.  I think the downpour from a couple of weeks ago blew it out.  I played around with it at home and could only get a pace to show up sporadically.  There's a one year warranty on the thing so it will be off to the Apple store tomorrow to get a new one.   Not sure what to do the next time it rains, however.  Like it is now. 

For not having run in something like ten days and with a strong headwind at times -- oh, and plus I bonked about halfway through the course, sad part was I had Gu in my car and I thought longingly of it for the rest of the race as I ran with Frankenstein legs -- I didn't do too bad.  Wasn't last, there were at least two people behind me as I finished.  I'll have to check the time results but I think the clock said 0:41:02.  About 30 seconds slower than what I did for Run Like Hell.  Glad to know my fitness level is holding despite my recent lack of training, but I'm also a bit annoyed because that means I could do so, so much better if I were training regularly. 

As it pours and pours and pours outside my window, and as I look out my window to the rec center gym that is next door to my office, I'm again thinking about signing up for a gym for the winter months.  Unfortunately, the one next door to my office (and thus four minutes from my house) is more like a really big gym that would be in an apartment rec center.  This place is the rec center for the development my office sits in the middle of.  They don't have much equipment, in fact they're going through a remodel now, but above all they don't have an indoor track and that's what I would really, really like.  There is a gym about ten minutes from me (at least it should be ten minutes at 5:00 AM) that does have an indoor track.  It may be the only indoor track in Portland.  Used to be a YMCA, it's now an Allstar Fitness -- anyone belong to one of those?  I need to find out how much a membership would be.  Anything over $50, or anything that needs to paid up front, I just can't do.  Well, maybe my mom would do it for an early Christmas present.  (That's actually not a bad idea.  Mom, if you're reading this, call me.)   I think I should download their free introductory pass thing and see how it would be to drag my ass down there in the mornings.  I do miss lifting weights. 

I've got to get back to it.  At least with overtime maybe I can afford a gym membership on my own!

the CilleyGirl

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