Sunday, November 8, 2009

Got it pretty much all together now

I got the widgets back up; what do you think? 

Had a busy afternoon of shopping, shopping, shopping with my friend S.  I got a polartec shirt for running in inclement weather.  Has the fingerholes in the cuffs, which I think will work out well since I'm not a fan of gloves the majority of the time.  (I have the same thing about slippers; love slippers but can almost never stand to wear them.)   The large fit, but I got the extra-large due to my extra-large breastage and because I want to layer a short sleeve or tank tech tee underneath for wicking.  I would do a long sleeve tech underneath too but I don't have one that fits snugly enough.  I also picked up a fleece beanie with a wicking liner; it's a pink Race for the Cure one.  Never did look in a mirror to see how it looks, but I usually don't care anyhow.

I also went gangbusters at the department store, thanks to the early Veterans' Day sales.  I am happy to report that I can fit into a pair of size 10 Levi 515s.  I can even bend over and sit down in them and I don't have a muffin top.  But they're otherwise pretty much painted on.  I bought them any way as another pair of goal jeans, but these are ones I'll actually wear once I fit into them (aka, when they're looser).  I'll take some pictures in them for my weigh-in at the end of the month. 

Otherwise I was mostly shopping for work.  I really needed new sweaters; my current ones are pretty much all from a thrift store and while they're mostly still in good shape I was getting tired of them.  I also needed new pants; my khakis and my black dockers were getting spots of wear that were noticeable.  Getting dressed every morning was turning into such a chore because I was wearing the same few things over and over again.   I bought four pairs of khaki-style pants, two in shades of khaki, one black, and one gray. 

I am definitely into a size 12 pant now and it's great.  I was trying to remember the other night when I last wore a 12.  I remember when I graduated from high school I was wearing a juniors 13 which when you get hips translates into about a womens size 12.  So, at least 21 years since my bum and tum have been this small.  Yay me!

The tops are still size large to extra-large, depending on the cut.  It's the breastage.  My friend S was of the opinion that I'm close to a medium in a lot of tops.  They were just a tad too snug for public.  I got four sweaters today:  chocolate, grey, dark raspberry and light raspberry.  Oh, and I found a tech tank that was originally marked at $30 for $2.99.  Pretty good if you can get it.

The horse-size antibiotics I'm taking are doing well in fighting this sinus infection.   Seriously, they're huge and I have to take them for three weeks this time.  Once those are done, I'll need to get a CT scan of my sinuses to try to determine why my sinuses are chronically and almost continually infected if I'm not on a regular dose of something like prednisone (which can make your Achilles spontaneously explode -- did you know that??).  Anyone ever have or know someone has had sinus surgery in the past few years?  I'm hoping it won't take long to recover from since I want to get this fixed (I've had chronic sinus infections for the past 30 years) as soon as possible if there is a fix, which means getting it done in the middle of marathon training.  The other option would be to wait until after Eugene, which with my work schedule would mean not until July and in the interim the potential for several more sinus infections. 

I need to get off to my pee-free (knock on wood) bed.  CBS is random lifting her paws up in the air for some odd reason.  If she were asleep I'd think she was having "pet my belly" dreams but she's awake.  Yet another thing they never tell you about in the dog books. 

Sartorial cheers,
the CilleyGirl

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