Thursday, November 19, 2009

Brain's full, I'm done.

I can't remember if I took my antibiotic this morning and then forgot I had already taken it when I went to take it later, or if I forgot to put it in with my vitamins all together. 

Then, thirty-eight minutes, fifty-nine and 44/100 seconds ago, I made some tea.  I know exactly how long ago I did this because I turned on my watch timer so I would know to go back for the tea in three to five minutes.  And it's now thirty-eight minutes and fifty-nine and 44/10 seconds later.  It's very strong tea.  It wasn't even hot any more.

And now, I realized I completely forgot to do the post I meant to do yesterday.  I had a graphic and everything.  I think it's all the crack I've been smoking.  I blame the Gazelle

So, anyhow, here's what I meant to do yesterday:

This is a screen shot that I laboriously converted (and just where did my MS Paint program go, anyway?) into something that could be posted here.  It is a screen shot from my Nutridiary program in which I keep my food diary.  (By the way, I finally found out that nobody runs this site any more so you can not upgrade.  How bizarre is that?)  I wanted to get a "clean" report where I wasn't worried it was picking up a partial day ("you have 1,000 extra calories today -- congratulations!"), and I finally managed it.

As you can see, I had two days in November where I ate exactly what I was supposed to be expending.  There were probably cookies involved (and I really do not have a sweet tooth so it's odd).  The green blips up are where I exercised; my calorie intake tends to go up correspondingly.  It's kind of cool to see it laid out like this, plus I like the summary up top.

Last night I did keep my resolution not to eat so that I was stuffed.  I baked a chicken breast, had exploding rice, corn, and even a salad.  After all that, I even left about 200 calories unconsumed for the day.  I thought about having a 100 calorie pudding snack but in the end I did not and I didn't miss it.

I am missing my lunch, however, so I will go eat that.  And try to find some room between my ears for things like work.

the CilleyGirl


  1. I am a little afraid of your exploding rice, but AM, however, willing to take the blame for your crack-smoking. That's what I'm here for! :)