Monday, November 23, 2009

Stood up! (sob) (sniff) (sob)

Actually it wasn't all that big of a deal, but I was stood up this morning by the trainer at the gym.  It might have been a big deal except that having this appointment this AM was probably the only thing that got me into the gym this morning (I worked 53.2 hours in the past seven days, I'm a bit knackered) so other than being a bit wary now about the professionalism of the trainer I was meeting with I was okay with being stood up.  I had brought my iPod along just in case I was going to be doing any sort of running, so I swapped my notebook for it and off I went.  And............. dun dun dun!!!!!  (cue the fanfare)  I again topped my 5K time!!  Yes, the personal best I set on Saturday fell with a crash this morning as I ran 5K in 0:36:26.  How awesome is that??  Yay me!  We don't need no steekin personal trainer!

I'll try to ease off on the exclamation points for the rest of the post.  And before I do that, a big hello! and welcome! to new follower Radioactive Girl!  Let me just go check your blog out really quick....  Wow, I've never come across one that had an adult content advisory.  Woo hoo!  This I've got to check out.  I am not going to get any work done today, am I?  *snerk*

Okay, on with the show.  As I mentioned before, this Thursday is the turkey trot at the zoo.  What I didn't know until just now is that Thursday will also be the BEAST FEAST at the zoo: 
On Thanksgiving weekend, come watch your favorite zoo residents dive into "dinner." Animals receive a cornucopia of enrichment treats. Great photo opportunities -- bring your camera!
Which reminds me -- did you hear about how a deer got into the lion enclosure at some zoo and the lions were all Woohoo!  Snack time!  My friend D told me about that at dinner last Friday; I'm going to have to find the video for it.  Apparently, everyone watching (this was when the zoo was open) was horrified.  You know, because Simba was trying to eat Bambi.  Me, I would've been rooting for the lions.  And laughing.  And taking pictures.  At dinner on Friday, we were all going "Didn't any of these people watch Wild Kingdom?" 

My turkey trot registration fee includes zoo admission, so I will definitely be going in after the race.  I've just got to remember to pack some warm, dry clothes and my camera.  My favorite time of year to visit the zoo is during Spring Break.  Our zoo does two weeks of spring break events and they are awesome.  Last year the theme was Pirates of the Caribbean (did I spell that right?) and whoever writes the press for these things is fabulous.  They had lorikeets walking the plank and attacking a papier mache ship filled with crickets, I wish they still had it up because I'm just not doing it justice.  The press for this year's theme, Zoo's Gone Wild, just wasn't as well written, although they did have a few good items:
Hang 10 with your Orang Friends:  Orangutans hit the beach with tropical shirts, grass skirts, palm trees, beach towels and piñatas shaped like coconuts, crabs and sea stars.
Stuff like that.  Yes, I am easily amused.  I should take a whole day off so I can go to the next one; all the best stuff is scheduled for during the week.  Hmm, I guess they're gearing this towards children or something.  Like kids truly appreciate the zoo.  Then again, they were probably rooting for the lions too; it's only their parents who were horrified.  Kids are cool that way.
I have completely lost my original train of thought.  Choo choo!
Oh, if anyone is spending the holiday with family, you will be happy to know that the state liquor stores will be open on Friday.  They are closed on Thursday, however, so do plan ahead.
I think I've done enough damage for one post.  Break time is way way over.  Bye bye, and remember to always root for the lions!
the CilleyGirl


  1. if you ever want to go to the zoo for free, let me know! I love the zoo & can totally get you in for free.

    And then I will tell you the story of the calfsicles (like Popsicles, but with different ingredients) and other zoo fun stuff!

    Way to go with your speediness! And good luck w/ the Trot. I did it last year, and that was enough for me :)

  2. Yes please!! Words can not express the depth of my affection for the zoo (the zoo's otter and I have a very special relationship, documented with photos even). And Sea World. I'd marry Sea World if I could. I think if I had gone to Sea World while I was still in high school I would have thought seriously about becoming an aquatic animal trainer. Although I also believe that if I had seen Twister in high school I would have been a storm chaser.