Saturday, November 28, 2009

Spike in my ear, my 100th post, and thanks for the timely E.coli warning Portland!

Riddle me this, Batman:  How exactly am I supposed to wash my hands or clean my dishes to avoid E.coli contamination when it's the wash water that is contaminated with E.coli?  *sigh*  If you live in the Cilleyland metro area, particularly the west side, then you have probably heard that our water tested positive for E.coli contamination.  You may have also heard that the first positive test came several days ago.  Apparently it takes two positive tests before they declare it actually contaminated.  Unfortunately we've all been drinking the water in the interim.   So I'm sitting here boiling water because I wasn't thirsty until I realized that I had no water I could safely drink.  After having a slightly upset stomach. 

We were out for sushi (on the west side) when we heard about the contamination.  Our waitress brought my soda and explained why it had no ice cubes.  It was all news to us; my friend's husband promptly took out his iPhone to confirm the news.  A short while later a woman at a table behind us called over the waitress and said in a somewhat pissy voice "Perhaps you misunderstood me.  I asked for ice water."  The waitress basically replies, "Perhaps you misunderstood me; I'm trying to keep your prissy ass from dying, bitch."  Or maybe she just explained apologetically why she had not given this woman some ice.  But I prefer my version better.

Anyhow, my beverage choices at the moment are:  boiling hot water, milk, or diet soda.  I guess I'm having milk.  Even the dogs aren't supposed to drink the water right now.  Humph. 

This could all be why I've felt a little off all day long.  I headed out for a run but just couldn't get my rhythm going.  I felt like a puppet with a string cut.  Maybe a puppet with a peg leg and a string cut.  Or maybe a quasimodo puppet with a peg leg and a string cut.  With big boobs swinging in the opposite direction from my gait.  Yes, that's it.  Also, it was damn cold out due to all the damp.  The damn damp.  Either way, I managed a little over three miles, nearly all of it walked. 

Then I went home and had Spike in my ear.  Not a spike, but Spike.  Or rather, James Marsters, the yummy actor who played Spike on Buffy and Angel.  In addition to being a big Whedon fan, I'm also a fan of Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden books -- Harry is my imaginary boyfriend -- and James Marsters does the audiobooks.  I was a little sad at first that he uses his own, Spike accented-less voice, but his reading is so well done that I quickly got over it.  His voice can be very intimate as he reads.  It's delicious.  I spent a couple of hours laying on my couch this afternoon, snuggling with the dog, staring at nothing outside the window and listening to James Marsters murmur Harry Dresden in my ear. 

I am so thirsty.  Why didn't I buy some bottled water when I was just at Target? 

Wrapping up, I learned as I logged in to write this post that my last post was number 100.  Woo hoo!  Who would've guessed I had that much to say?  Nah, that one's easy.  The real question is, who would've guessed that somebody else would be reading it?  I'm so happy for my Cilley readers, some days knowing that I will come here and be accountable to you is all that gets me up and going.  And I don't make friends easily at all, but I've started to make connections with other Cilleyland bloggers and runners and hopefully will soon meet some of them in person.  Where hopefully they won't run away screaming. 

On that note, I am off to find a beverage.

the CilleyGirl


  1. I love spike. *sigh*

    Also, I just freaked out about the e. coli thing & was all worried because I drink a LOT of water. And then I realized that I don't live on the westside (but I live on the NORTH side, and am worried that because my neighborhood is the bastard step-child of Portland that maybe they just didn't tell us....) eek!

    I think that my next brew review will be at Max's Fanno Creek on 12/11 & I definitely hope you can meet up with us.

  2. Haha, we've been boiling our water too. UGH! Gross!

  3. I've got the next brew crew date on my calendar!

  4. I like your version of the waitress's answer better too! That is hilarious!