Monday, November 16, 2009

Status quo, boo hoo

I'm on DayQuil but still feel a layer of sick deep down.  It is the flu-like symptom of nausea that is the worst; everything else I can mask or ignore enough to get through my day. 

I set up a sidebar of my November goals.  I was going to do this great update how as of November 15 I was succeeding at all my goals.  And then grocery shopping last night -- where I was getting the ingredients for my chicken and spinach lasagna dinner -- wore me out, the consequence of which I went through the Burger King drive through.  Boo me.  I couldn't remember if my goal was no fast food drive throughs or no fast food, period.  If I had gone inside I would still be meeting those goals.  I also would have gotten the exact same meal inside, which put me 470 calories over for that day. 

If the report I ran through my food diary is correct, here's where I am for November 3 (when I started with that particular software) through November 15:

Average intake:  1988 calories
Average expenditure:  2659 calories
Total difference:  (9397) calories
Total estimated weight loss:  2.7 lbs.

That is if the report ran the way it says it ran.  I hopped on the scale this morning just to peek and I have not lost 2.7 lbs.  I do still feel like I look thinner, particularly around my ferret-smuggling midsection.  But I don't want to get bummed -- or complacent -- by going through all the measurements and weekly (at a minimum) weigh-ins right now.  I said for the month of November and by golly that means I will weigh and measure officially on November 30.  Or December 1.  I haven't decided yet.  Probably November 30; Mondays always have a sort of symmetry about them in the area of weight loss. 

Time for lunch!  I did drag my sick ass into the kitchen last night to make my lunch; didn't want to compound the fast food thing (and I'm sick of Subway at the moment, at least the healthy sub choices).  I'm trying a new recipe; I did big sushi twice last week and was craving crab salad sandwiches.  Not that I've ever had a crab salad sandwich before in my life.  But there you go.  I think the recipe has too much dijon in it for my taste -- I prefer more of a mayo-y flavor -- but we'll see.  I also need to figure out how many calories a serving has, since I used fake crab and lite mayo. 

Oh, and after my Brit marathon yesterday I'm fairly certain I am using "cheers" in an incorrect context (I think it's more of a "thanks!" than a "see ya!") but I just like how it sounds so....

the CilleyGirl


  1. I know you know this, but although weight loss is a relatively simple equation (cal in/cal out), there are other factors, of course! Since you have been a diligent worker outer, there is the possibility that while losing weight, you are gaining muscle, which makes it hard to see that 2.7 lb loss on the scale right away.


    (I am also suddenly having a craving for crab salad sandwiches. where did you find the recipe? I'm assuming it's healthy-ish, right?)

  2. I had the flu a few weeks ago so I really feel for you. And as for the fast food, it's what we do most of the time that matters, not what we do now and then. Feel better!

  3. Just stopping back to see if there was any news re: your health. Hope you are getting some rest!

  4. Thanks Lori-Ann! I'm still in that in-between sick and well stage. It sucks. I'm going to get in a couple of extra hours of sleep tonight, hopefully that will tip the scales towards "well."