Friday, November 13, 2009

Clothes horse. Clothes cow? No, definitely a horse. A skinny, skinny horse.

Pupdate:  Still doing well.  Trying to limit her stair usage (i.e., still taking her out front rather down the stairs to the back) but otherwise she's moving around fairly good.  The front leg will continue to be an issue due to an already bad back leg, but so long as she can stay mobile and out of pain she'll do okay.

On to the rest!  As I mentioned earlier, I did some serious shopping last weekend.  Sears, baybee!  Also known as, the only department store for which I kept a credit card.  And mostly that was for non-clothes items.  Anyhow, last weekend I bought hmm, several pairs of work pants, my size-10 jeans that I do in fact fit into but are not yet ready for public consumption, and several sweaters, also for work.  I was feeling fairly guilty about spending the money, though, particularly once I thought I would have to make an emergency vet visit.  But then I got to wear my new clothes.  I had enough new clothes to wear all new clothes Monday through Thursday with the exception of one top on one day (what can I say, just wasn't in a sweater mood that morning).  And the fabulous thing was, they all made me feel really, really thin.  I'm not, but I felt that way.  Suddenly it seemed like I was no longer smuggling a ferret around my waist, or at least that it was a pretty skinny ferret.  Maybe a snake.  A thin snake.  A garter snake.  My arms -- my big, meaty jumbo-sized arms -- looked almost like normal arms.  You know, ones that aren't the size of other people's calves.  Or thighs.  Depending on the person.  I still had a tummy, but I didn't feel like everyone was wondering when the baby was due.  Or worse, whether I was gestating an elephant.  Best of all, not only did I seem to look thinner, all of the pants were just a little bit loose.  Not enough to be falling off or anything, but enough to make me feel like I was already halfway to the next size down.

It was pretty damn cool.  Although I've realized my wallet is actually thinner, no altered perception about it, I'm okay with having spent the money. 

I'm also okay with having spent the money to join the gym.  Yep, I took the plunge.  Pretty funny, though, that the muscle I pulled in Wednesday's workout has kept me from using said gym since.  Maybe it's that they told me they'd be taking my picture the next time I came in.  Now I feel like I should go in when I'm not going to work out to get the picture over with, so that I'm not stressed about looking like, well, someone who just rolled out of bed and slapped on a hat.  As I do.  Oh well.  I'll be spending more quality time with the foam roller and the heating pad again tonight (kinky!), and if it's still so stiff tomorrow I think I will be going to gym if only to use the steam room.  And maybe they have one of those stretchy machines, that are kind of like a chair crossed with a bike where you're kneeling and then you rock back in the chair for the stretch?  My chiropractor has them.  You can get a great stretch.

At least the rain should let up this weekend.  I have to put in some work hours to stay only slightly behind, but then I plan to spend some quality time with my television, satisfying my Anglophilia -- I've got at least four episodes of New Tricks to watch this weekend.  Yay for Sandra and the boys!

Break time's over!  Back to earning my paycheck.

the CilleyGirl


  1. Sounds like a great shopping trip. New clothes for a new body!

    I am probably one of the only people around who love the gym. I do, I love it!

  2. I like lifting weights a lot, which is best at the gym. The cardio machines have always been something to be endured before I get the reward of weights. That's why I went looking for a gym with an indoor track. Maybe the cardio machines are just too zen for me (I'm climbing the stairs to nowhere....)