Monday, November 2, 2009

Another dog story

Because I'm on break again and the Schmart Dog (SD) is feeling left out.

Any time I am on the floor, or anywhere near the floor, SD comes over in search of love.  She loves to have her head, neck and ears scratched vigorously, and she will aid in your scratching by assuming the optimal scratching position:  her head thrust solidly into whatever body part is best suited and/or closest to the job.  Often this is between your knees.  It's not with her nose, like a dog's typical greeting.  She puts her head down like a bull about to charge.  With her nose pointed down, she will rub and poke the bridge of her nose on you to remind you to scratch if you are not doing it vigorously enough.  Or maybe she has an itch.  I don't know.  We call the nose thing "snootering."

Last night I was on the floor doing some stretches to try to work out a persistent kink in my back.  I was laying on my back with my knees bent and SD promptly came over and began head butting and snootering me between my neck and shoulder, on my shoulder, in my side.  I tried to oblige but I really needed to stretch.  I finally got SD away from me, at which point CBS came over to get petted (she just stands in front of the TV).  SD decided this meant the love train was open yet again for business.  She came running over....

.... and with her nose down shoved the top of her head into my crotch.  Like, powerslided into me. 

That will get your attention, let me tell you.

I gave up on trying to stretch.

the CilleyGirl


  1. My kids attack us anytime we are on the floor...try doing push-ups with 40lbs little linemen crawling all over you.

    Thanks for the tip about Newport..I was looking into that race but I NEED my Ipod. I would die alone with no music..even on a pretty course.