Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Internal weather: Cloudy with a chance of blah

The Amazon Runner used the phrase "internal weather" today, which I feel is very descriptive.  I am still struggling with being not quite actually sick, but not getting any better either.  I had this a lot last year and the beginning of this year; I'm hoping it doesn't last as long as that would (I would spend miserable weeks in an in-between stage).  On top of it all, my low back is acting up -- maybe from laying down?  I have no idea -- so between this and that I don't feel like exercising.  I also don't want to either spread any germs I may have or pick up any new ones while my resistance is low.  Next week is the Turkey Trot and I'm starting to wonder if I'll get to run at all between now and then.   With the big hill, that worries me. 

I did make an appointment for Monday morning for one of my two complimentary personal trainer appointments.  I will only have one day off work between now and then to rest completely; six day workweeks aren't good when you're fighting a bug.  If just this low back annoyance would go away, I'd be in a lot better frame of mind.  Ah, well.  Continuing with the limiting germ exposure theme, I am not going to bellydancing tonight so I can get into bed early and pick up a couple of extra hours of sleep.  The dogs might explode in the meantime, but I will be rested.  And cleaning my carpets.

the CilleyGirl

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