Friday, November 20, 2009

An update on the exploding rice

Right after I got home last night I checked the package of rice.  You are supposed to vent it before putting it in the microwave.  It's freakin' instruction number two.  Of three instructions.  They're not even complicated instructions.  They're something like:  (1) Squeeze pouch.  (2) Tear to vent.  (3) Microwave 90 seconds.  (4) Don't burn yourself, dumbass.  (That last one is made up.  There's a whole separate paragraph on how not to be a dumbass and burn yourself.)

My only excuse seems to be that before I put in the rice I had done one of those bags of veggies in the microwave that you do not vent.  So I probably only got to instruction no. 1 on the rice before I realized I should cook the rice after the veggies, which take five minutes.  Then I forgot to read the rest of the instructions.

Told you, my brain is full.

the CilleyGirl

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