Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Easy breezy beautiful bite me

It started out as a good day, then went downhill through a combination of odd and unfortunately all too typical occurrences.  Suffice to say, I am not responsible for everything under the sun.  If you continue to insist that I am, I will hit you with a hammer.  So neener.

I made a list of the things I kept meaning to mention but it's at work and I probably don't remember anything on it.  Let's see.

I signed up for my first run in 2010, the Resolution Run 5K.  Not the first run of 2010 I've signed up for (that would be Eugene), but the first run in 2010. 

I also joined the NW Running League.  I will post a link later.

I made a new recipe for lunch for the rest of the week:  Black pepper and molasses pulled chicken sandwiches.  Will let you know how they came out.  I had a moment of brilliance last night when I was too tired to make the recipe per the directions and realized it would come out just great in the slow cooker.  I tossed everything into the crock pot, went to bed by 8 PM, and by 7 AM the house smelled great.  Hopefully it has enough BBQ flavor in it.

I am trying out a new online food diary.  I have high hopes for this one.  It will be at least the fourth one I've tried.

No recap on The Biggest Loser last week since it was preempted here in Cilleyland by the basketball game.  Short version:  Tracey is still insane, Abby sent herself home.  Tonight's episode is on now.  Short version:  Tracey is still insane.  Seriously.  What's with the faces, Tracey?  Are you auditioning for Deep Throat?

'kay, gotta reboot this thing for the updates.  I removed a ton of malware the other night and my computer wouldn't boot properly tonight.  Now I have to figure out how to get the junk off without it crashing again. 

the CilleyGirl

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