Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slowly getting through the day

No change on the pup's condition.  If she's still the same tonight then tomorrow or Friday will be vet day and it may be her time.  She is in pain right now and has almost nil quality of life like this.  She's 13 and too old for surgery, and even if she got through a surgery okay she still has a bad back leg.  My poor puppy.  Unfortunately I've gotten easier with losing pets over the past few years; I lost my 14 year old cat last August, two of my parents' cats (who were 20) went earlier this year and their older Lab went last year as well. 

Okay, on to other distractions.  Did the gym tryout this morning and everything went well despite my state of mind about the pup.  The indoor track is short -- 12 laps equals a mile -- so I did a lot of laps in my 45 minute run but it wasn't any more boring than making larger circles around a standard track.  It was nice to be inside and able to wear a short-sleeve shirt to run in.  I wore my Mizuno running pants and those were a little too warm so I'll switch back to my spandex capris from this spring and summer. 

My Nike+ still isn't working, even with the new sensor.  Consequently I have no idea how long I ran this morning.  My best guess, from when the iPod glitched on occasionally, is that I was running roughly one lap per minute, give or take.  I slowed down towards the end -- had a small muscle cramp in my hamstring this morning which led to me favoring it a little in my run which led to the achy hip I have now -- plus I felt like I was pushing the pace in the beginning so I estimate I did between 40 and 45 laps.  With each lap 1/12th of a mile, that's 3.33 to 3.75 miles so I logged it in at 3.5 miles.  

I logged onto the Apple support boards again and annoyingly this seems to be a common glitch.  I say annoyingly because there still isn't a fix for it.  As another person on the boards says, that kind of thing is expected for Microsoft but not Apple.  I can't even tell for certain if it's a glitch in the iPod itself or, since I replaced the sensor, in the Nike+ chip.  Even more annoying, Chip is speaking to me again but saying things I don't want to hear. 

And who wants to keep track of how many 1/12th of a mile laps they've run?

As for the gym on the whole, it was nearly empty at 6 AM.  I pretty much had the track to myself until close to 7.  The locker rooms SUCK.  Other than the ineffective layout of the gym pre-renovation (tons of wasted space with six racquetball courts popular when the thing got built that barely get used in the '00 decade), the locker rooms need it the most (I'm speculating on the men's locker room here).  My high school had better lockers.  I've seen the drawings for the upgrades and I can't wait until they're done.  Let's see, what else?  Ten minute drive to and from like I thought.  Plenty of parking at 6 AM.  I was done and home by 7:20.  In my training, I shouldn't need much more than an hour for my weekday runs.  I'm going to try to run outside somewhere like the Springwater Corridor as much as possible for my longer Saturday runs -- I've got the damn gear now -- but the gym will be a nice alternative in crappy weather. 

Break is over.  Back to work!  Depending on how the pup thing goes, I may be a little quiet for a few days.  Running this morning was a good way to burn off some of the stress.  I almost bagged it but realized all I'd be doing is sitting and worrying.  I try not to worry about things I have no control over, if I can help it.  A lesson learned long ago.  Unless something goes horribly wrong I'll be back at the gym tomorrow morning.  My hip isn't thrilled at the prospect but I am.

the CilleyGirl

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