Friday, November 6, 2009

A challenge I am determined to meet

Little crazy here in Cilleyland today.  As I mentioned, I need meds for the serious sinus infection I'm suffering from.  Today I had a lunchtime (ish) appointment with my allergist.  I thought slightly ahead and tossed a CLIF bar (peanut toffee buzz) into my lunch bag to eat before I went since I'd be eating lunch no earlier than 2 PM as a consequence of the appointment.   I even traded my usual oatmeal part of my breakfast (130 calories) for a granola bar (100 calories) to make up for the extra CLIF bar (250 calories).  That and the seven peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies I ate last night (hmm, 60 calories a piece -- oops -- did I mention I have a wicked sinus infection?). 

Shortly after I got back from the doc's, the office went into crisis mode.  It's nearly 5 PM and instead of a nice or even abbreviated lunch all I've had time to eat was about 25 calories worth of popcorn (my boss hasn't eaten either, he scarfed down most of it).  Now not only do I have the sinus headache (I pick my meds up after work) I have the low blood sugar and too much caffeine on an empty stomach headache. 

In the past -- in the extremely, very recent past -- this would have been license for me to chow down.  Particularly since I'll be driving right by at least a half dozen fast food restaurants near the pharmacy.  Crap, wish I hadn't thought about that.  Because I am determined to meet the challenge of stopping the crazy chow down by planning out what I will be ordering at Subway (one near my house and work, one near the pharmacy on the way home).  Hmm.  Okay, put all thoughts of fast food out of your mind.  After the cookie debacle (I only made seven small cookies but I knew I should have just taken the two I planned to eat and immediately boxed up the remaining five), I do not want to scarf a bunch of calories and then have an uncomfortable tummy full of calories (and shame) later. 

Alright, I'm good now.  Because you all will yell at me if I get the fast food, won't you?  Which reminds me, I realized a few days ago that I forgot to add a Subway exception to my "no fast food" goal for November.  If I have the calories, I can eat at Subway.  It's tough to really go overboard at Subway unless you order The Feast or a bunch of cookies.  I've lost my taste for most regular potato chips, instead preferring the baked ones, and I don't often have a cookie craving. 

I'm thankful I have you all to keep me on the straight and narrow.  Yay team! 

Man, I cannot wait to get my meds.  And some Advil.  I can do the latter now, so I'm off.  Running a 5K early in the morning.  Wish me luck!

the CilleyGirl

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