Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stupid ticker

I spend all this time setting up nifty weight tickers and then I can never get them to update again EVER.  Bleah.

But I have been keeping track of my weight.  Sort of.  Over the past few months I wasn't as "get naked and weigh every Monday morning" as I usually am.  I was still naked.  Just not weighing myself.  I like naked.

I have no idea where this is going.

Oh, right!  Naked reminds me that I have another, probably better, post planned out based on a new experience I had today but as I was gathering some pics to illustrate it I realized they're probably not the kind of pics I should put on my office computer.  We're pretty lax here and they weren't porn or anything, but nothing I'd want an outsider to see.  On my computer, that is.  So the other, naked, post will have to wait.

Instead, here's where I am weight-wise so far:

January 2010:  188.0

January 2, 2011:  196.6 (I blame Hot Pockets!)

January 9, 2011:  194.2

January 17, 2011:  193.4

Going downwards from the beginning of the year, yay!  I wonder how I managed to be so good at the beginning of 2010?  Maybe it's just that I was really, really not good for the end of 2010.  Yes, that must be it.

Coming soon:  Nakedness!!  And boobies!!

the CilleyGirl


  1. Now I have the HOt Pockets jingle running through my head.

    Nakedness and Boobies .... very interesting teaser you've tossed out there!

  2. I would have to be either stoned out of my mind or dead to allow those kinds of pictures to be taken of my person.

    Kudos on the weight part - mine is going down too! It's amazing what a little conscious eating will get ya! ;-)