Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 Goals

Let's see, what do I feel like doing this year?  Nothing?  Okay!

Oh, fine.  I guess my motivation will catch up eventually.

1.  Do the marathon.  Do the marathon training.  Don't die.

Yep, I have signed up for another marathon -- the Vancouver USA Marathon on June 19.  I have no idea why.  Hopefully I will get my motivation back by the time official marathon training begins at the end of February.  I'm going to follow the same plan I did for Eugene.  I felt very prepared with that plan, and I was only running four days a week.  I plan to add in cross-training this time around, however.

2.  Do a full, for-real pushup.

My upper body strength SUCKS.  This seems like a good goal in conjunction with the marathon training, to get me to do the cross-training I should do.

3.  Go paleo.

I felt so much better when I did the 30 day paleo challenge.  I will be doing paleo 85-15, which basically means up to three meals a week can be non-paleo.  I think for me that will mean one or two meals off plan and then a few grazes here and there to make up the third.  In addition to getting healthier weight-wise with paleo, I also hope it will help repair the acid reflux damage I've suffered.  That has been getting very bad lately.

4.  Visit my grandparents.

I owe them a visit.

5.  Ask for a raise.

My boss owes me a big raise.

6.  Break 35 minutes for a 5K.

Last year my primary focus was on distance.  I do not believe I can incorporate speed work with marathon training, but with consistent running my speed does improve.  Breaking 35 minutes is absolutely doable if I train consistently.

7.  Break six hours on the marathon.

I finished Eugene in 6:25.  Getting one minute faster per mile will get me to this goal.  One way I can do that is to train consistently to improve my endurance and therefore my speed overall.  Another way is to work on walking faster.  My running speed is slow but decent.  I walk incredibly slow, however.  If I need to walk, I need to walk faster.

I think that will do it for 2011.  I have a few other things I plan to do this year but nothing I feel like elevating to goal level.  And I already have a couple of ideas about goals for 2012, which hinge on meeting my 2011 goals. 

All in all, I think 2011 will be an even better year.  Many people had a bad year last year, but not me.  I completed a marathon, I turned 40, I really got comfortable with me.  I plan to keep building on all of that.

the CilleyGirl


  1. Those all sound like great goals. Good luck!

  2. My cross training is non-existent, as is my upper body strength. I should join you in the push-up thing!

    What is paleo?

  3. Paleo is a way of eating that mimics how our caveman ancestors ate. Basically meats, fruits and veggies. No dairy, sugar, processed foods, legumes, or grains. I did a 30 day paleo challenge last year, around August I think it was, maybe September. I felt great and lost six lbs in a month. For me it really makes a difference in my digestion, I feel and look leaner, I had less problems with allergies, and I also recovered much faster from runs.

  4. Good luck with your Marathon training. If you would like a tip or two as to how to break 6 hours you might find one of our articles provides that inspiration/guidance your looking

  5. Wow! Well done on the 2011 goals....challenging and tough but achievable and NOT insane (I always had a problem with finding that balance!)

    I know you will succeed in all of them - you made it last year (AND didn't die!). You will do it again I am sure.