Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just MIA, not KIA.

Howdy hey everyone.  My tank was on empty for most of last week and by Friday morning the engine shut down.  I stayed home from work with a headache, a sore throat and probably a case of sleeping sickness.  Why else would I sleep until 3:00 p.m. on Friday?  And then I went back to bed by about 9:00 p.m. and slept another fourteen hours or so.  Yikes.  That reminds me, I need to take my vitamins.  Thinking maybe my body chemistry is all wonky and that's why I've been so tired.

So, I'm feeling better-ish now.  Saturday I took my dogs to be tortured the vet.  It wasn't as bad as any of us thought:  the dogs only got up close and personal with a thermometer rather than the full on stool/urine sample (and on the stool sample, if it does not come to the vet then the vet goes to it, if you get my drift) and the bill was only half of what I had been anticipating.  Everybody's still alive, although I declined to renew my dog's licenses for more than one year.  They're both good on shots for two and three years respectively; I am fully prepared not to have to do shots with them ever again. 

Today I went for a run with my friend Jules.  It was butt-ass cold and foggy and damp, even more so on the run as it went along Fanno Creek.  I was regretting not wearing my gloves.  We started out at a really good pace and decided to go farther than originally planned; unfortunately my hip flexor then tightened up so that it felt like my hip bones were grinding together with every other step and I had to walk most of the route back.  Must do more stretching.  Jules wants to get to a solid 12 minute mile and I want to get back to where that is an easy pace for me; I think together we can easily do it.  Definitely need to do more stretching before next Sunday's run!

It's back to work tomorrow although I'd really rather sleep.  For at least a week.  Really must go take those vitamins.  Consensus on Facebook is that it is perfectly okay to wash those down with beer (in case you were wondering, as I was at the time). 

I'll need to be extra healthy to meet my goal of doing one complete push up.  I decided I should look up how to do a push up correctly; I wasn't sure where to put my hands (in terms of width apart) or where my elbows should be.  I'll share the handy dandy video I found with you.  The music is very exciting.  Turns out I was pretty much doing it all correctly, except for my feet.  I never noticed or realized that you want to be on the balls of your feet, not your toes.  Once I get to actually trying them on the floor -- I'm doing incline push ups against my stairs to start -- I'll have to remember that. 

My dog CBS is insisting it is time to get off the computer and do something, and now the other dog has seconded the motion.  Welcome to the new followers!  I haven't had a chance to check out your blogs, if you have one, but I will.  Best case scenario, they will keep me awake :)

the CilleyGirl


  1. You know, you are seriously going to guilt me into blogging my runs a bit more. Like, gee - it't not like I have a running blog or something like that! *sarcasticrolleyeshere*


    Streeeeeetch!!! Gotcha.

    Coconut pancakes? :-D

  2. I swore I saw you running along the waterfront in Downtown Portland on Sunday. I did a triple-take and almost asked the woman if she was "Bringing Sexy Back" which, since it wasn't you, would've probably gotten me slapped.

  3. How funny! Nope, I was busting my hump (take that, search engines!) out on the westside on Sunday. I usually save the waterfront for races, since so many all go along that route and it's flat.