Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It WILL be a happy hump day!

Hot on the heels of my joy at finding out the vet bill was half of what I had expected it to be, an indicator light went on in my car.  Today it is at the shop.  I am hoping that it's something minor (and cheap).  But they haven't called yet so I'm a little worried....

I had to get up fairly early to get out to the dealership this morning.  My dog was making pathetic little whimper noises as I did so.  I came back in asking, what's your deal?   YOU get to go back to sleep!  Which she did.  She did drag herself out of bed as I was leaving to relocate to sleeping on the sofa.  The other dog was sleepy and blinky too.  I kicked them both outside for doody duty.  I have no sympathy.

A couple of reasons I am hoping the car repair is inexpensive:  one, I need new glasses desperately; and two, my dad and grandmother are making "ungrateful children" noises at me through my mother.  So I am hoping to plan my visit to them sooner rather than later.  Also, my grandfather turns 80 in a couple of weeks and it would be nice to gift him with my presence for that (that's how my grandmother would look at it; me personally would want to be left alone on my 80th birthday). 

This is also the reason I need to STOP BUYING FOOD.  I bought all these lovely, healthy groceries with which to feed myself, and then I keep finding/having reasons to pick up food.  One night I had to do errands and it was late/I was exhausted/blah blah blah.  Last night was all of that plus I really wanted pizza.  I'm still not feeling 100% over my cold and sore throat.  Sounds weird, but I am hoping that it really is an actual sore throat sicky kind of a thing and not, say, erosion of my esophagus from acid reflux.  Because one of those is not so big of a deal and doesn't cost a lot of money to get over. 

And I'd like to hang on to my money at the moment.

Happy hump day!

the CilleyGirl


  1. hope you get the car fixed up cheap!

  2. My dog is all sleepy eyed today, too. I hear she was basking in the sun outside during lunch, but unable to keep her eyes open. Too cute!

    This is obviously not related, but did you register for the Shamrock 15K yet?? I'm really looking forward to it! I even did a couple small hills to get ready. I really hope I survive that. It looks brutal. On a 1 to 10 scale of 10 being "you are gong to die" and 1 being "easiest thing ever", how would you rate this race??

  3. I am all registered for Shamrock 15K. I'd rate the big hill about a 7 because it's long (note that I haven't done very many races with any sort of elevation gain whatsoever so I may be skewed towards "it's really hard"). The rest is fairly flat or downhill.

  4. Okay. A 7. I'll brace for 7. Have you done the Butte to Butte in Eugene? That was horrible. I mean I had my Garmin saying I was doing a 18:00 something pace when I neared the top. I felt like we were just climbing up the side of a cliff. That downhill to get off of it was great though. I flew through it!

    At least there is a medal for the Shamrock. I will use that as motivation during the race!

  5. The medal is the best part of Shamrock, particularly if it's pouring like it usually is (last year's dry spell and warmish weather was very rare). Last year they ran out of medals by the time I finished, and they ended up mailing me not only my medal but a free long-sleeve cotton race tee as well!

  6. Okay, well this is very good to know. This will give me motivation to haul my ass down those hills and get my medal!!