Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Naked time and another 2011 race has been added

I realized after I posted the ta tas story that I forgot to include my own nakedness.  Not pictures, thankfully.  But I forgot to add about how they give you this gown that closes in the back.  It would make more sense in the front but since you have to walk to the mammogram machine room (all of four feet, in my case) they want patients to be as covered as possible.  And to quell the urge to flash, I'm sure.

To do the squishing, we had to take the gown off of half of me and it kept getting in the way.  After about five seconds, I just said that I was fine with being topless and let's ditch the gown.  So the rest of the time was spent with me bouncing around (literally) wearing only jeans chatting with the tech.  I realized then that I would be perfectly fine on a topless beach.  Going the full monty, I'm not sure.  I'm fine with being topless or sitting around bottomless talking with my doctor but I don't know about walking about completely.  I think it would just be too drafty.  Plus there are no pockets.

Anyhow.  I signed up for another 2011 race, the Spring Burst 5K on April 9.  This is on my nemesis course in Cook Park in Tigard.  Every time I have run a race there, I'm injured or sick or just having a seriously off day.  This time, I plan to nail this course!

Happy hump day!

the CilleyGirl


  1. I hate being naked! I don't even like it when it is just me in the house. I'm such a freaking prude, it is ridiculous. But then it is crazy because some things I'm not prude about at all! I just don't want to be nude. Skinny Dipping?? NEVER done it! Can you believe that? 32 and never been skinny dipping.

    Of course I had to look up the race. I hope you get a door prize! Those are always fun. I hope it is something cool!!

  2. In high school, my friend and I used to go skinny dipping every year on the first day of spring. One of the last years we figured out that while cars driving by on the road above the lake could not see us in the water, semi drivers could. We were heartened by the thought of all the semi drivers we made happy over the years.

    Living alone, I walk around naked or in my underwear all the time when I'm getting ready. Like this morning, the shirt I wanted to wear was downstairs in the laundry so I was in just my bra when I went to get it. I've got one neighbor that could maybe see me if they were standing almost in blackberry bushes on the other side of the fence. Eh. There's a strip club across the street from us with completely naked women in much better shape (and younger) than I am. More power to them if they'd rather see me instead!