Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekly goal recap

As much as I'd like to forget, I did have some training goals last week.  Actually, it's not the goals themselves I'd like to forget, it's how lousy I did with them.   Here is what I planned and how I did (or didn't):

Monday - Rest.  This I did.  One out of seven.

Tuesday - Five miles.  This I did not.  I'm sure I thought I had a good excuse.  I'm sure I really didn't.  Still one out of seven.

Wednesday - Rest again.  Did this.  Two out of seven.

Thursday - At least six miles, aim for eight.  Did not do.  Again, no good excuse.  Two out of seven.

Friday - Rest yet again. Try to get it right.  Did this too.  Three out of seven.

Saturday - Spring Burst 5K. Aiming for 35 minutes, but this course is my nemesis. And it's highly likely there will be the lady with a cane.   I did the race but did not make my time goal.  I still think I could have gotten closer (38 minutes at least) if they hadn't had that backup at the big mud pit.  No lady with a cane.  Three and a half out of seven.

Sunday - Race for the Roses Half Marathon. Aiming for under three hours.  Did the race but again missed the time goal by five minutes.  Should've ran the straight aways more.  I did check into more detail on my iPod stats and at one point I was running 7:45.  No idea where I did that.  Must have been downhill.  While being chased by talkative lions.  And a lady with a cane.  Four out of seven.

This week I want to do better. 

Monday - Rest.
Tuesday - Five miles.
Wednesday - Rest again.
Thursday - At least six miles, aim for eight.
Friday - Five miles.
Saturday - Rest one more time.  And no going into work.
Sunday - the last big training run, 18 miles.  With no talky people.  Just me and my mace (in case I do see any talky people).

I also need to work on my diet.  Quality, not necessarily quantity.  I was reading some marathon training stuff and it said "you're running well and eating right and--"  That's where I stopped.  I kind of forgot about the healthy eating part.  I got on the scale this morning and was very sad; 192.5 or so.  It was kind of surprising, until I thought about what I'd eaten just that weekend alone.  Friday, McDonald's breakfast, and mostly crab dip for dinner.  Saturday, Jack in the Box for breakfast.  Sunday, gigantic Arby's for post-race and then a large pizza and an order of wings for dinner.  I'm guessing there is five pounds of junk food sitting in my colon (sorry!) from Sunday alone. 

I need to get back into cooking for myself again.  You know you've been eating too much fast food when you need to grab something for lunch and nothing sounds good because you've already had it that week.  I pulled some recipes on Friday to make; one I already did, an italian ravioli casserole which constituted my pre-race carb loading Saturday night.  Tomorrow I will make chicken tetrazzini.  After, I don't know, a zillion years of eating mostly chicken, I just hadn't been in a chicken mood lately.  I need to get back to it -- some baked or grilled chicken, some veggies.  My muffin top today is like one from a jumbo sized muffin. 

Now I'm off to continue with healthy eating and have my morning banana snack!  Tonight, I clean out the fridge.  And maybe lock up all my cash and credit cards so I can't buy any more food and have to eat the healthy stuff I have at home.

the CilleyGirl