Monday, April 26, 2010

Eugene Marathon Preview

The people at Run Oregon posted a great mile-by-mile preview of the Eugene course this week, so for those who don't read their blog or who aren't local I thought I'd share:

Miles 1 to 6.
Miles 7 to 12.
Miles 13 to 18.
Mile 19 to the finish.

What really got me on reading this was I guess I hadn't really thought about all of the people.  The other runners, sure, although I don't think I've yet comprehended just how large this race will be.  But it's the spectators I hadn't considered.  I've only run before a large group of people once before, for the Starlight Run that goes on before Portland's Starlight Parade.  I only vaguely remember being aware of the crowds when I was running (the fact that it was about 98 degrees with 98% humidity for that race helped) so I don't think they'll factor in to my race on Sunday, but it's the only thing so far that has made me jittery about the marathon. 

Hope to see a few folks there on Sunday! 

the CilleyGirl


  1. Don't be nervous. There are enough spectators to keep you energized but not so much you feel like you are on a parade route (like Torchlight in Seattle). There will be good stretches without a spectator or with only a few. The scream tunnel around mile 8 is really energizing though. I never thought that kind of thing would motivate me but it sure does.
    Hope to be able to say "hi" this weekend. Enjoy your taper.

  2. I know the thought of so many spectators really freaked me out when doing my first half (Amsterdam Marathon) felt like the entire city was there watching you...and for me that was terrifying. I normally ran at night and almost always alone...I don't like people watching me run (especially when I am struggling and huffing my heifer body around) and I especially didn't want anyone to see me walk (which of course they did).
    The Dutch are not so nice and encouraging either. Lots of smart arse comments...but in the end that actually made me run harder. The nastier the comment the better! And then every once in a while someone would shoot me a really genuine smile and clap for me just as I was feeling pretty down and low on energy and it would make me smile right back and give me the extra burst to run on with my head a little higher. I also did not want to let the genuine ones like that 'down' by walking, so it forced me to run longer when I would have preferred to be walking.
    Two things that I tell myself about the supporters now (it still freaks me out a little I am no good in crowds and HATE attention on me) are:
    1. They would not be there unless they were passionate about supporting the runners. I am sure they have better things they could do with their weekend if they weren't!
    2. If they are not supportive/make fun/are sarcastic about your speed etc then why aren't they out there? You have the guts to RUN it and TRY...they are just on the sidelines with nothing but big mouths. You have the big heart and the strength to give it a go. And they make you run faster just to show 'em!

    Having said that, from all the lovely amazing people I met in Oregon, I am certain there will only be amazing, power-enhancing, 'you can do it girl!' support in Eugene this weekend!

    I will look forward to following you vicariously through FB and the EM site. GO CG!!!