Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two days and counting until Eugene!

I had some successful abusing at the chiropractor yesterday afternoon.  Afterwards I felt like a pretzel made of wet noodles that had been smashed with a rubber mallet.  Four advil, two tylenol, two tylenol PM and two freaking vicodin later (and sadly, I am not making this up), I drugged my aches and pains into enough submission that I could sleep somewhat soundly for about three hours. 

Why did I decide to try for my first marathon six months before my 40th birthday?  Without any tequila in the house whatsoever??

I must have been on drugs then too.

I have started to put together my to-do list for this weekend.  It goes something like this:
  1. Clean the bathroom.
  2. Clean out the den so Mom has somewhere to sleep.
  3. Charge up air pump for the aero bed so Mom has something to sleep on.
  4. Shampoo all the dog fur and various dog carnage out of the living room carpet.
  5. Hide all contraband in the house from Mom.
  6. Get Gu and Hammergels.
  7. Get Endurolytes.
  8. Check iPod.
  9. Complete pre-race sushi ritual.
  10. Check stockpile of sports drink and granola bars and replenish if necessary.
  11. Teach Mom how to use smartphone.
  12. Remind Mom how to use smartphone.
  13. Write out instructions for Mom on how to use smartphone.
  14. Write out explicit instructions for Mom on how to use smartphone.
  15. Write out explicit instructions with diagrams and pictures for Mom on how to use smartphone.
Yes, a good time will be had by all!

the CilleyGirl


  1. So weird how parents just can't seem to figure out things like how to text. First time I texted my mom she didn't know what was going on, and couldn't figure out how to text me back. Dude, its not like somebody ever sat me down and showed me how to send a text...haha!! I think they're just scared of breaking something.

  2. "Four advil, two tylenol, two tylenol PM and two freaking vicodin" ... Wow, that sounds profoundly unhealthy. Is running the source of your pain?

    I hope you have a good day on Sunday.

  3. HAHAHAHA!!!! Good luck this weekend!

  4. Pete, I have serious fears for my liver some times! A misaligned spine is the source of the problems; I'm regretting not keeping up with the weights during marathon training as that would help with the low back instability. All should be much better soon.