Friday, April 23, 2010

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine

Suddenly, the light is shot out.  The rebel forces have found me!  I give them a valiant chase through the jungle but eventually I am caught and brought before the rebel commander.  He is tall and lean and his biceps glisten in the moonlight.  I am helpless to resist as he insists I be taken away, to be outfitted more appropriately in his rebel commander presence.  I know he means to break my spirit as I see what I am to be dressed in:  that outfit Princess Leia had to wear on the slave ship with Jabba the Hutt.  Although my situation is dire, I can not help but notice that it looks amazing on me.  As they take me to their leader's tent in the steamy, steamy jungle, I know I will do what I must to complete my mission, even if it means

Oops, sorry.  Wrong blog.  My horoscope today said I should be ready for the romance -- serious romance -- that is coming my way soon.  So I -- and Brian, maybe you shouldn't read this -- cut four inches off the length of my hair this morning. 

As I've said many, many times before, my stylist Brian is amazing.  I love him.  I can't imagine my life without him.  So this was no reflection whatsoever on him.  In fact, it was the fact that I loved how the front of my hair falls (to just below my ears, if that makes sense) that I decided to cut off most of my hair in the back.   Every time I pulled it back in a ponytail to run, I would think how cute it looked, so I cut off the rest to match.  Luckily with naturally curly hair, it is very forgiving whenever I cut my hair (I haven't done it in years, Brian!!) so you can't tell that it is uneven.  And after I did it, for the first time in a long time (long, long time) I felt like I should maybe put on some makeup.  Without all that hair, you could see my face.

And next, I go red.

I really like my natural hair color.  It has a lot of different colors in it, from the silver that is coming in at my temples (looks like nifty blonde highlights) to a very dark brown, so that the overall effect is (as I like to think of it) a neat kind of caramel color.  I let it lighten naturally in the summer -- well, I help it a little bit with a diluted peroxide mixture during the week I spent at my mom's on vacation -- and so haven't colored it in ages.  As you may have noticed, I have extremely pale skin with lots of freckles and eyebrows that are darker than my natural hair color, plus eyes that seem to be leaning more towards green these days.  So I look good -- i.e., natural -- as a redhead or with a darker hair color.  This time I'm going copper. 

Gosh, I really may have to wear makeup. 

I'll do pictures!

the CilleyGirl

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