Friday, April 16, 2010

So sorry to see you go; and wooden penguin legs part deux


I lost my first follower today.  Not my first follower, she's still here (and I'm very grateful!), but my follower who was the first to leave.  Not sure who it was, but I will miss her (odds are it was a her).  She'll also miss out on the upcoming exciting posts about my feet, and my elbow.  Actually, I'm thinking of doing a whole body parts series.  Mostly to practice with self-portraiture, but also because the body amuses and amazes me. 

Although at the moment, my own body frustrates me.  I tried to run last night and literally could not do so for more than a few steps at a time before the pain and the limping (mostly the limping) made me stop.  My legs were still weirdly stiff and then I had that hip problem again.  The one with the radiating pain down my leg and the feeling that my leg was going to collapse every time I put weight on it, much less tried to run.  Like when you popped the legs off your Barbie and then couldn't get her hip back into the socket properly.  (Or was that just me?)  On the stiffness, I did a lot of stretching later in the evening which seemed to help that but the hip is just mooched up.  I'm seeing the chiropractor this afternoon.  It's 15 days to Eugene, and I WILL run 18 miles this Sunday and I WILL complete this marathon.  Even if I have to cover my body in a paste made of vicodin and tequila to do it. 

In other news, I am now on Twitter.  It seemed like it was time.  Follow me at @CilleyGirlPDX if you dare. 

the CilleyGirl

P.S.  Don't leave me!  All the plants will die!


  1. I know it seems like a personal affront, but losing followers is just a natural occurence. More often than not, it's somebody who's closed an account (or been inactive for too long and had it closed) than someone making a conscious decision to stop following you.

    And let me know if that vicodin/tequila wrap works for you...

  2. Oh hun - I'm here to stay - no worries. I lost one the other day too! You coming to Chicago with us?