Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 50 and the Start of Week 8: Two months until Eugene!

And damn, am I tired!

Things are hopping at work, so this may be brief.  Then again, I may get carpal diarrhea (I type really fast).  You never know with the CilleyGirl.

Here's how I did for Week 7:

Mon/Day 43 - Rest.  SUCCESS!  I am talented at the resting, yes I am.

Tue/Day 44 - 4 miles.  SUCCESS!  I ran in the evening (boo), but I did run 4.02 miles (trying to sneak in those tenth miles where I can).

Wed/Day 45 - Rest.  SUCCESS!  A gold medal in resting for moi.

Thu/Day 46 - 6 miles.  SUCCESS!  Again, ran in the evening (double boo) but this was a great run.  6.01 miles in 1:15:00. 

Fri/Day 47 - 4 miles.  SORT OF!  I was tired after running my six the evening before so I missed the morning workout, then went to a birthday party for the Gazelle that evening.  Instead, I got up and ran on....

Sat/Day 48 - Rest.  NOT REALLY!  I got up early to get in the four (4.01, to be specific) I'd missed on Friday.  Since Sunday would be my long run, I made this a slow and easy run. 

Sun/Day 49 - 12 miles.  SUCCESS!  My longest run yet, one that made it oh so obvious that I need new shoes.  12.01 miles in 2:50:07.  Slower than I wanted -- I did 11 miles last Sunday in 2:26:50, so thought I would be closer to 2:40 for the 12 miler.  While it took me about three miles to really get into the rhythm of the run, that's when my feet started to feel every step.  Tonight I'm making a run over to Fit Right Northwest to check into new shoes.  I'm thinking I'd like to get something with more cush for the long runs, but stick with the New Balance 769s for the shorter runs.  I can pick up a pair of those at New Balance's online store for fairly cheap. 

Total mileage for the week:  26.05. 

Get this -- Total mileage for February:  79.21!!!!

I can't believe this is Week 8 and that Eugene is two months away.  Time to make sure those funeral plans are up to date!

Here's what's on the schedule for Week 8:

Mon/Day 50 - Rest.

Tue/Day 51 - 4 miles.
Wed/Day 52 - Rest.
Thu/Day 53 - 6 miles.
Fri/Day 54 - 4 miles.
Sat/Day 55 - Rest.
Sun/Day 56 - 14 miles.

Sunday will be a bit challenging since I am running the Red Lizard 5-Miler -- the race for which I won the entry -- and then will need to do nine more miles after that. 

I also need to try to reschedule the ballet in there.  Fun story:  After running 12 miles I showered and dragged my aching body to the ballet.  I might have skipped it in favor of resting, except that it was A Midsummer Night's Dream, the main reason I got season tickets to the ballet this season.  I love Shakespeare.  Anyhow, there was a short performance of another ballet (the Four Temperments), then intermission, then MidsummerMidsummer is done in four acts.  Right at the beginning of the third act (so, Quartersummer?), they stop the ballet.  Seems the entire city block had lost power, so it wasn't safe for the dancers to continue.  Now if I want to see the rest (and I do), I have to stuff it into my schedule between Thursday and Sunday.  Just checked their schedule and they have a special Saturday matinee where you don't have to sit through the opening ballet. 

And I'm back to work!  I need a vacation day!

the CilleyGirl

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