Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 54 and a mental health day

It was so nice not to have to rush off early to bed last night and to sleep in this morning.  Not that I got up any later than I would for any other rest day (not really.... okay, maybe five or ten minutes later), but it just had a different flavor to it.  You know? 

I went back to the running store last night and emerged triumphant! with new shoes.  MUCH better experience this time around, really the kind of experience I've always had with this store (until Monday, at least).  The salesman listened to what I wanted to address with my current running shoes, what I liked and didn't like about the new Brooks, and then he brought out at least four pairs of shoes for me to try.  After the first two pairs, we were able to narrow down what specifically was not working (my feet are so very flat that a strong shank -- what most flat footed runners need -- is very uncomfortable for me) and so he brought out a pair of Nike Lunarglides that I think will be perfect.  He even had me try on one shoe of new New Balance 769s with the Nike Lunarglides to compare them side by side.  When we were doing the official exchange at the register, I thanked the guy for his help about a dozen times. 

What really tipped me off that these were the right shoes?  They are dark grey with neon pink soles.  They basically glow in the dark.  I know, because it was getting dark while I was testing them outside and they were glowing.  So now I am replacing the shoes that looked like I dismembered a muppet to make them with the shoes that look like I've been stepping on muppets.   It's awesome!

Oh, and I also wore them to work today to see how my feet would feel in them, other than in the middle of a run.  So far, so good.

I have a fairly relaxing weekend planned.  At least, a weekend without work.  For Saturday:  sleep in late, replacement ballet tomorrow afternoon, and then nothing nothing nothing.  For Sunday:  run 14 miles, and then nothing nothing nothing.  The nothing nothing nothing will be occupied with sleeping, food, napping, petting puppies, a quick clean to the yucky spot on the carpet, laundry, TV, more napping, and more food.   I can't wait!

the CilleyGirl

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  1. Wow... Well done for getting a replacement pair of running shoes! The number of pairs of trainers that I've bought in the past that have just been discarded because they rub I can't count... I have REALLY big (US size 12) feet and struggle to find anything in my size in the UK... Hope they provide you with many miles of comfortable running!