Sunday, March 14, 2010

Heading into Week 10 and how Cilley got her groove back

I took several days off from training this week and as today's 15K went pretty well I think the rest did some good.  I was hoping to finish in 2:15, and I finished around 2:08.  I had hoped to meet up with friends before or after the race, but either no one met up or maybe I missed the memo.  Oh well.  I know I'm fabulous, and I'm fine on my own.  It's just that some times it's nice to not be on your own.

Here's how Week 9 went:

Mon/Day 57 - Rest.  Done.

Tue/Day 58 - 4 miles.  Done.  Logged 4.01 miles.

Wed/Day 59 - Rest.  Done to the extreme.  My hip and back went out so I took Wednesday and Thursday off work to be flat on my back for a while.

Thu/Day 60 - 7 miles. Gack! I should be able to finish this in about 85 minutes; we'll see.  Nope.  Still flat on my back.

Fri/Day 61 - 4 miles.  Nope.  Low back still very sore.

Sat/Day 62 - Rest.  Done.  I thought about running, but I went to work instead.

Sun/Day 63 - 16 miles. This will be another split run, with the 15K Shamrock followed by the balance somewhere.   Did the Shamrock and logged 10.14 miles per my iPod.  Felt great for that -- I even hit that point where I forgot I was running, I got so into the zone -- so I decided not to ruin my high with more miles. 

Next week I will work to be back on track with my training.  Mentally I'm having a hard time with the longer mileage during the week; worried I won't get finished in time.  I just need to get over it -- if I'm late to work, I'm late to work.  And this weekend will be an uninterrupted long run, which I am masochistically looking forward to. 

Here's Week 10's schedule:

Mon/Day 64 - Rest.
Tue/Day 65 - 5 miles.
Wed/Day 66 - Rest.
Thu/Day 67 - 8 miles.
Fri/Day 68 - 5 miles.
Sat/Day 69 - Rest.
Sun/Day 70 - 16 miles.
I am off to get in some puppy loving, which from their perspective probably involves me feeding them.  I hope everyone who ran Shamrock had as great a race as I did.  Here's wishing you a wonderful week as well.
the CilleyGirl