Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 66 and the stellar jay smack down

There are about a dozen stellar jays outside my office window this morning and they have been RAWK!ing at each other for nearly three hours.  They've been mostly out of eye -- but not ear, dammit -- shot, but every once in a while you see one fly to another tree, followed by another and then the smack down is on!  There must be a hot stellar jay chiquita somewhere close by and they're fighting for the right to preen her tailfeathers or something.  And driving me crazy!

In case you're wondering what the little bastards look like...

I didn't get to bed early like I had planned.  I really need to pay bills, which first meant sorting through about six weeks of junk mail.  Then there was the actual bill paying, which was depressing.  I thought doing my taxes would cheer me up (I'm odd that way), but I owe both federal and state this year and that made me even more depressed.  I need to manage some serious overtime in the next week or two.  Yay.

At least I slept much better last night, thanks to a comatose dog who didn't stir all night, but still feel like I've gone ten rounds with, well a stellar jay maybe.  I suspect my sinuses are to blame.  Did you know that when you are stuffed up, you don't get enough oxygen as you sleep so that your sleep is poor, you're groggy when you wake up, etc.?   Then it eventually causes insomnia.  Weird, eh? 

All this means I did not get to the gym like I thought I might.  Definitely sticking with the schedule for tomorrow (knock on wood).  I am also not going to have a fish stick frenzy like last night.  Turkey burgers are on the menu instead.

What a beautiful day here in CilleyLand!  I hope you have blue skies too wherever you are.

the CilleyGirl


  1. We have beautiful weather here too! I hate paying bills and junk mail. We signed up for Lifelock so we do not get anymore junk mail. That is definitely a great perk :-)

  2. I go through my junk mail (all my mail, actually, since all my regular bills are online and paperless) about once month and usually don't mind it. This time, though, it had been a while since I'd done it last and the mail was extra-heavy. It all goes into recycling anyways.