Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 74 and I no longer limp like cooked spaghetti

Hmm, I just couldn't get that title to come out right.  Maybe I'm just hungry.  For spaghetti!

My absolutely amazing fantastic hair stylist Brian is now a follower.  Hi Brian!!  Seriously, people, if you live in the CilleyLand area, have Brian cut your hair.  Now.  I'll wait.  He is absolutely amazing and fantastic for all types of hair.  Brian at Polaris for Hair, conveniently located next to the downtown library at 10th and Taylor, he's in the book.  And not only is he an amazing stylist, he gives great neck rubs, hugs, and smootchies!

Just a quick note here to sing Brian's praises and let you all know that knock on wood my leg is not as sore as yesterday.  I still don't want to run any stairs, or really even walk up any stairs, and I'm definitely not running.  But walking only hurts maybe 2% of the time instead of 98% of the time like yesterday.  My plan is to continue RICEing it tomorrow and Saturday and then if it feels good I'll aim for at least eight miles on Sunday with the hope of pushing that to ten miles.  My mom just booked our hotel for Eugene last night, so I'm begging my leg to just hold out until after the marathon.  Then it can fall off if it wants to, or get put into a cast, I won't care.  After the marathon, I may never want to run again anyways.  So neener to you, Mr. Leg.

With that, I am off for home and damp, smelly dogs.  Yay!

the CilleyGirl

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