Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 47: The continuing saga of a socky foot.

I did my six mile run after work last night.  It went pretty well, particularly after I figured out that when your feet are larger in the evenings (as they are), you need to LOOSEN YOUR STUPID SHOELACES.  Or your feet will go numb and your legs will cramp, yadda yadda yadda. 

I really did not want to go run, so I decided I would set my iPod for three miles and see how it went from there.  Funny that three miles now seems like such a breeze.  At three miles, I decided I might as well run four.  Somewhere between three and four miles, I hit the perfect stride.  That stride where you can just keep going and going.  And going. 

Which is what I did, as at the end of mile four I figured I might as well run five, and by the end of mile five I only had one more mile to go and it would be silly to stop then.  Plus I had that great stride going.

An interesting thing I learned about the great stride is that when your mind doesn't have to constantly coach or cheer your body along, that's when little tiny circles at the gym get really, really boring.  I'm running along, thinking "I could do this forever!"  And immediately another voice popped up in my head:  "But we aren't going to do this forever, are we?  Aren't we done yet?  Please?  Stop?  Stop now?  How about now?  How about now?"

You get the picture.

In retrospect, I pretty much hit the same stride during last Sunday's long run, but since it was a beautiful day on a beautiful trail my brain had something else to occupy its time.  Unlike last night, when I had to start thinking up things to distract myself:  Hot guys, kissing, kissing hot guys, last time I'd kissed a guy, that guy down there is kinda cute, is he wearing a wedding ring, going out on Friday night, maybe I'd get to kiss a guy there.....  Fairly random junk.

But on to the socky foot part of the story.  It's not my dog's socky foot this time, although if you need a CBS update knock on her big, wooden head it seems that she's finally stopped licking it.  And I still haven't found the scrunchie I was using to anchor her socky foot.  It's a little disturbing, that.  Anyhow, I crawled into bed shortly after getting home from the gym, and was just absolutely freezing.  I had the heat cranked, I had a snuggly dog, nice down comforter, and still freezing.  I finally got out the warm socks -- I hate to sleep in socks -- and that did the trick.  I woke up at some point in the night, realizing that I was now only wearing one sock.  Sleepily wondering where the other sock was, I drifted back off.  CBS woke me up a little later to go outside, when I rediscovered I still had only one sock on.  Which I again rediscovered five minutes later when I came back upstairs to get back into bed and realized I'm walking around with only one sock on and not noticing.  It was a six mile run, you know?  At the end of the saga, I pulled off the die hard sock, found its errant brother up near my pillow (?), and went back to sleep.

And did not make my four mile run this morning.  I have a good case going of the sniffles :(  Thankfully, alcohol kills germs, so I should be certain to drink plenty alcohol tonight at the birthday party to which I am going. 

I got nothing more exciting than that (as exciting as all that was).

the CilleyGirl


  1. I love when I can keep running! Yesterday was not one of those days for me. It was really cold outside and my lungs were burning at mile 3 :( Have a great weekend!

  2. Well done for continuing to push yourself, especially when you didn't really feel like it! Those are the best and most rewarding workouts of all! :o)