Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 75: Move along, nothing to see here

More or less the same old thing.  Leg continues to improve, but still a few twinges.  I think wrapping it at night has helped a lot.  The plan is still to aim for at least eight miles on Sunday, hopefully more.  Looking at the weather forecast, I'm tempted to switch my run to Saturday but I think I need the extra rest day.  If it's raining I can always go run at the gym.  Not so far to limp home if the leg wigs out again too.  Plus there is the steam room.  I should plan to parbroil myself after my run.

I had a nice surprise waiting for me at home yesterday.  No, not Carlos the Hot Naked Pool Boy, Waiting to Cater to My Every Whim.  Do you think I would be at work if he had been?   Heck, I wouldn't even be dressed.  Anyhow.  I knew I would have my latest Netflix shipment (Midsomer Murders, yay!) but I didn't expect to have a big package stuffed in my mailbox (and number one among things that sound dirty but aren't....).  I didn't remember ordering anything so I thought maybe my mom had sent me something for easter.  Then I saw that the return address was PDQ, the Shamrock Run organizer folks.  Seemed awful big for just my finisher's medal, though.  And, no medal.  But they did send me, entirely for free, one of the long sleeved cotton Shamrock shirts.  Which are extremely nice, albeit kind of huge; the shirt hangs down mid-thigh.  Not sure if a size smaller would fit my gigantic breastage, though; the top part isn't all that loose across the chest.  Just my luck to have size huge boobs on a size medium torso. 

I still better get the finisher's medal though. 

Also found out last night that Showtime is having a free preview weekend, which means I finally get to see Twilight, and for free.  I just never got around to seeing it in the theatre.  It just wasn't one of those "must see now" movies.  The books were written so-so, the plots were predictable and bordering on not very good -- particularly in the final book, the characters were flat.  And I really don't like Kristen Stewart.  But then I'm not terribly fond of Bella either.  All said, I did like the books.  I like to be entertained when I read, so most of the stuff I read is light and fluffy anyhow.  I am looking forward to seeing the movie; I'll probably watch New Moon right after.   They also have season one and the season two premiere of the United States of Tara on, so I'll watch those as well.  A thoroughly couch potato weekend!

I've got to get ready for happy hour with the running peeps.  Here's to your weekend :)

the CilleyGirl


  1. Happy resting! And don't worry...I didn't particularly like Bella either.

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