Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 6 recap

Let's see where were ended up for Week 6, shall we?

Mon/Day 29 - Rest.  SUCCESS!  Always a challenge to rest, but I rose up and met it head on.

Tue/Day 30 - 3 miles.  SUCCESS!  Logged 3.01 miles.

Wed/Day 31 - Weights.  FAIL!  This is turning out to be the most difficult day for me to make it to the gym.  I guess the weights seem less important than either running or sleep.  My goal for Week 7 is to do this workout.

Thu/Day 32 - 5 miles.  SUCCESS!  Mentally this was a challenge.  It wasn't the distance, but rather doing it before work.  I was worried I would end up running late (no pun intended), or that if I woke up late I wouldn't do the workout at all.  But I did get up extra early and I logged 5.0 miles.  Almost finished in under an hour. 

Fri/Day 33 - 3 miles and weights.  FAIL!  I had been having a major allergy attack for several days courtesy of the new HVAC system installed in the office.  Friday was the worst, and I decided I needed a little extra rest instead. 

Sat/Day 34 - Rest.  SUCCESS!  Friday's rest continued to Saturday.  After a mostly poor night of sleep, I ran some errands including picking up my race packet for Sunday, loading up on Gu, and getting a new Nathan fuel belt with a larger pocket than my current one. 

Sun/Day 35 - 10 miles.  SUCCESS!  I logged ten miles exactly, and let me tell you, ten miles is LONG.  My goal for the 8K race was to finish in under an hour.  I'm not sure if I really did or not; my iPod told me I had done 8K before I got to the finish line.  I didn't check the iPod time when Chip said 8K, but I did cross the finish line at around 1:08, about 0.54 miles later.  So, I just don't know.  But, I did beat the woman with the cane and I am VERY proud of that. 

Total mileage for the week:  18.01. 

It was a good turnout for the race.  While it was raining, it was not 20 degrees like last year.  It was around 50 degrees this time.  I walked a lot, and I'm not sure why.  The mental aspect, I guess.  (I did run more once I spotted lady with the cane!).  Some people did the Valentine's theme, and it was fun to run past the hotels and restaurants with people in them for Valentine's Day.  Like we were all, LOSERS!  All inside and dry with food and liquor and your honeys.  Pathetic!  ;)  The weirdest thing in this race was a woman who was pushing a jogging stroller with her son inside.  I'm bad with kids' ages but I'm guessing he was between one and two, closer to two.  Anyhow, she kept up a conversation with the kid -- a one-sided conversation, completely hers along -- for the entire freakin 8K.  Now, I had on headphones so I'm not positive what the whole conversation was about, but the parts I heard were less "when we get home, you'll have your binky" and more "the situation in Iraq is really becoming untenable, Billy."  Seriously.  She chattered at this kid before the race and after the race, too.  I hope he was wearing headphones too.

Anyhow, on to Week 7.  I can't believe it is Week 7!  Almost halfway through the training.  Yikes!!

Week 7:
Mon/Day 36 - Rest.
Tue/Day 37 - 4 miles.
Wed/Day 38 - Weights.
Thu/Day 39 - 5 miles.
Fri/Day 40 - 4 miles.
Sat/Day 41 - Rest.
Sun/Day 42 - 12 miles.

I'm doing this from memory, but I know the weekly ones are correct.  It's the long run that might be only 11 miles, but I'm pretty sure it's 12.  I don't even know where to go to run six  miles in one direction, except maybe along the freeway!

As mentioned above, my goal this week is to not miss any training days.  Because I am bumping up Friday's run to four miles, my plan is to do a complete weights circuit on Wednesday instead of breaking it up between upper body on Wednesday and lower body on Friday.  Sounds like I will be going to bed shortly after 8:00 p.m. all week.  Good thing I can catch the Olympics on the 'net!

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  1. Good for you for running that race in the rain! It's so easy to use the weather as an excuse here in the PNW, isn't it?

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I just added you to mine.

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    Thanks! :-)