Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 45: Plat maps are evil but eye candy is good.

I am so sick of plat maps.  If you have never seen a plat map, count yourself lucky.  If you have seen a plat map, well then you probably can't see this post because the plat map has driven you BLIND. 

But thankfully I don't have to trace a legal description on a survey.  That will seriously make your head explode.


Today is a rest day, which I really need because last night's run was again ragged with a capital RUH.  I'd been feeling like I had a slight strain in my left calf muscle, and apparently I actually did.  Which translated during my run into some serious shin pain in that leg.  I haven't had anything resembling shin splints in, gosh, close to six months?  Since I got my latest pair of sneaks.  Hmm, maybe it's time to consider a new pair. 

Actually, my whole lower body was one big cramp for most of the run.  I've realized that typically when I first start out I tend to run almost stiff legged.  A lot of books say that your stride shouldn't be much more than an animated shuffle.  Well, mine during those times is more like Frankenstein's animated shuffle.  Another thing I've noticed and been playing with is that it is often easier for me to run with a more open stride.  This is also faster for me.  However, I can't sustain it for long until I'm warmed up and loose.  I am trying to keep my stride open.  It makes me feel like a real runner. 

I've also realized (lots of realizations lately) that I'd rather work on being a runner than on losing weight.  Does that make sense?  Kind of a chicken and the egg thing, I think.  If I focus on losing weight, then I have to restrict my calories *and* exercise.  I wouldn't be able to keep up this training schedule on restricted calories, plus I've put on a ton of muscle since I've started running.  But if I work on being a runner -- keep working on the stride thing, the improved cardio fitness, etc. -- then once I'm out of marathon training it should start to positively impact weight loss.  Yes?  No?  Maybe?  Just stuff I've been noodling on during my runs....

.... When there aren't HOT FIREFIGHTERS around to ogle.  I was off work early yesterday for the dentist, and I went straight to the gym from there.  Where I found a gym full of hot Portland firefighters.  Sadly, not really playing basketball (as in, in the prime ogling area of the gym) but scattered throughout the gym.  Still, it was nice.  And many of them were in a much better vantage point to notice how fabulous my ass looks in spandex.  Or how close I was to needing mouth to mouth resuscitation.  Either one works for me.

Oh, and getting back to the actual running news, I logged my four miles.  On massively cramping legs, but that's okay.  There is some stretching and a hot bath in lavender bath salts (thanks Ms. Gazelle!  Happy birthday!) in my near future.  I'm guessing the aches are my body's way of pointing out how many miles I ran last week.  Although, as I ran I was thinking about how if that is the highest level of pain I have during the marathon that that would be okay.  And during the marathon, I probably won't be running four miles solid at any given time, what with water stations and so forth.  Even walking for ten or fifteen seconds helped last night. 

Break time over.  Back to plat maps! 

the CilleyGirl


  1. That is so funny because I have been working on being a runner more now too! It is amazing how we transform over time :-)

  2. I had a similar conversion at some point. I orginally began running to lose weight and at some point a shift happened where I primarily wanted to lose weight to become a better runner. I also gained a much improved body image at that time even though the weight hasn't come off. Running can be powerful stuff.

    Good luck with the marathon training and happy firefighter ogling!