Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 44 and figuring out which week this is

Today is definitely Day 44 in my training.  I also learned last night that this is Week 7, not Week 8, and I edited the last post accordingly.  Yes, the days to start to blur together after a while, particularly when I am busy busy at work.  Like now.  My affinity for the human race is at an all-time low right now.  I feel like one of those wind-up toys.  Wind me up, stand me up, point me in the right direction and off I run.  Wind me up, sit me down, put papers in front of me and off I um, produce.  It's extra special fun when my boss is losing his mind.  Like now.*

As an example of how mixed up I am right now -- other than confusing my weeks, that is -- last night I was checking my training schedule, checking a few things in the Whitsett book, reading Runner's World, getting out my running gear for this morning, and going to bed early since I was running this morning.  And then I forgot to set my alarm back for a gym day.  So I'll be going this evening, after a trip to the dentist.  Hopefully I'll have some hot firefighter eye candy again.

I did get some fabulous news last night, which I just confirmed this morning:
Congratulations! You were chosen as the winner in the Red Lizard Five Miler entry contest. Hooray!
How cool is that?  This is from the RunOregon blog, which I read faithfully.  Funny thing, I've always wondered if anyone actually won these contests, because while I see (and enter) the contests all the time I've never seen the winners' names posted.  They must post them in the actual newspaper, I guess.   But now I know!  Doubly cool because I ran it last year and liked it (except for the pouring rain), but wasn't going to do it this year because I'm saving all my extra cash (such that it is) for the marathon weekend.  Now I'll be running this race on March 7.   Yay me!

Gotta get back to the daily grind!   Happy Tuesday!!

the CilleyGirl

* Don't worry.  I never say anything here about my boss that I wouldn't say to him directly.  Or already have said.  I'm a stream of consciousness kind of gal.


  1. Congrats on winning the contest!

    I told one of my old bosses she was mental once... I lost my job. :o(

  2. Yay for winning the race entry.

    I try not to ever mention work specifically on the blog, at least any specific complaints---that's what happens when you work for a public institution.

  3. Alisa, I try not to mention work. Instead I lock myself in my office so that there's that one extra barrier between me and whomever I want to strangle. But that's why I added that I don't post anything I wouldn't say/haven't already said to someone.